Olisa “Spyc-E” Enrico was born November 5, 1977 and raised in the Central District, Rainier Valley, Beacon Hill, and Capitol Hill. She was born into a family of musicians and was a natural poet and songwriter. She transitioned her poetry

Wojack, previously known as MC Deff, is an emcee, producer, and activist raised in Tacoma, Washington. He began his career in the 80s by founding the crew Def City Rockers, and released projects with NastyMix Records as well as Just

Nasty Nes

A native of the Philippines, it was in 1970 when “Nasty-Nes” Rodriguez relocated 
to the United States where his dreams became a reality. “While my sister was attending 
New York University, I would spend my summer vacations in the Big

DJ Scene

DJ Scene was born in 1978 in Everett and moved to the Beacon Hill neighborhood of Seattle at the age of 18. Having been involved with music for years as a drummer for various local rock bands, he started DJing


D-Sane is a producer and engineer who is founder and owner of Streel Level Records and Not 2 Sane Productions.   Early Years D-Sane, born in 1973, grew up in the North Seattle neighborhood of Shoreline. He fell in love

Kindu Shabazz

Summary Kindu Shabazz (also known as Kendu and Kendo), is an emcee, activist, and radio DJ, who first emerged from the Northwest Hip Hop scene with Black Anger and Bedroom Producksionz. Still active in music and community servitude, he is currently

B-girl Naj

Anna Nagy aka “Naj” was born in 1980 in Urbana, Illinois, and moved with her family to Seattle in 1996. Starting in elementary school, her favorite pastime was always meeting up with her friends to listen to music and dance.

Cloud Nice

Cloud Nice is a Seattle based independent Hip Hop record label, founded August of 2007 by Mikey Nice and Tay Sean. Other key members of the collective include Jarv Dee, founder of Moor Gang, and Jerm D, of Alpha P.  Cloud

MAD Krew, a Hip Hop crew-turned-multimedia company/indie record label celebrated it’s 20th anniversary last Sunday, November 1st to commence the internationally recognized Hip Hop History Month. Festivities took place at Seattle’s hot-spot venue, The Crocodile, and included music, art and