The Universal Zulu Nation is synonymous as the founding family of Hip Hop. It is a grassroots community-based organization that was begun by a young student named Afrika Bambaataa in the Bronx borough of New York City in 1973. He is acknowledged internationally as the Godfather of Hip Hop culture. It was his vision to empower communities by uniting the artistic elements of Hip Hop.

Zulu Nation’s purpose is to raise social awareness through forms of expression as a positive outlet for underprivileged youth, alternatively providing a forum for them to air grievances and settle disputes in a non-violent manner.

Additionally, Zulu Nation’s motto “Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding” was basis for street education through various literature called ‘Infinity Lessons”. The organization is fundamental to the establishment of Hip Hop as a universal culture that transcends all the boundaries of race, age, beliefs, sex, locality, social status, etc.

Zulu Nation’s activism in the Bronx through various means including hosting events, mentorship programs and holding benefits was instrumental to the phenomenon of Hip Hop that continues to thrive today.

When the music industry and national media first propelled Hip Hop into the mainstream during the early 80’s, Bambaataa and other Hip Hop pioneers embarked on the first Hip Hop tours; bringing authentic Hip Hop culture and its values to an overwhelmingly receptive national and international audience. Subsequently, Universal Zulu Nation’s mission to preserve and elevate Hip Hop culture within communities succeeded as chapters began to develop across all continents.


Hip Hop is a universal culture that transcends barriers of humanity and empowers lives around the globe. The 5 main elements of Hip Hop are Deejaying, B-boying/B-girling, Emceeing, Graffiti Art and Knowledge or the educational element that ties the culture together. To learn more about the history of Hip Hop, click HERE

Afrika Bambaataa- ‘Godfather’ of Hip Hop and founder of the Universal Zulu Nation


Educate, develop and improve the present state of mind of adults and youth around the world.

Spread our message of love, peace and unity amongst all people through our ways and actions.

Preserve the culture of Hip Hop and all art forms created from it and to use music as a medium for cultural exchange and understanding.

Provide a safe haven to nurture the inherent genius of adults and youth around the world.

Assist others in developing careers and opportunities as they express their God-given potential and talents.

The Universal Zulu Nation stands for:

Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding, Freedom, Justice, EqualityPeace, Unity, LoveRespect, Work, FunOvercoming the Negative to the PositiveEconomics, Mathematics, Science, Life, Truth, Facts, and Faith


206 Zulu – Universal Zulu Nation Seattle Chapter

Though relatively new to the organization, the Seattle Chapter of the Universal Zulu Nation; under the leadership of King Khazm, has received international recognition for the progressive civic involvement of it’s members. 206 Zulu’s alliances with local media sources, cultural and ethnic organizations, and non-profits have resulted in the chapter’s participation in a number of community-centered events, benefit shows, workshops, panels, and programs in coordination with:

El Centro de la Raza
Hip Hop Congress
KBCS 91.3 fm
Langston Hughes Performing Arts Center
Reclaim the Media
Richmond Highlands Recreation Center
SCAN Community Media
Sundiata African American Cultural Association

206 Zulu’s success in building coalitions and engaging Hip Hop culture in social change on a local level is the cornerstone of their continuing mission to set a precedent through transformative contributions made by organizing the often disparate Hip Hop community.
206 Zulu Mission:

206 Zulu is a network of individuals whose shared mission and purpose is to work with and empower local communities. 206 Zulu works with youth, low-income and people of color through creative and innovative means, including but not limited to programs and projects involving music, art and culture. 206 Zulu seeks to:

-Organize and operate an independent nonprofit corporation to use culture of arts and entertainment to inspire young people to get involved in social action, civic service, cultural creativity, and self-education.

-Provide youth programs, projects, and resources to supply our communitys adolescents with necessary tools to pursue future careers.

-Seek other sources of financial support appropriate to the mission, including but not limited to private foundation grants, donations from individuals, corporations or other organizations, government grants, and contracts with public or nonprofit entities.

-Undertake entrepreneurial activities as methods of support for the program, consistent with the other purposes of 206 Zulu.

-Mobilize the skills, assets and resources of 206 Zulu members to empower underrepresented, low-income members of the community (youth, youth groups, seniors, elders, community stakeholders, churches, etc.) with the intent of building relationships, resources and activities that yield sustainable community empowerment and action.

-Do all other activities a corporation might otherwise do to sustain itself, including holding property, consistent with other purposes of 206 Zulu.