[accordion] [acc title=”Is Zulu Nation a gang?”]No. The Universal Zulu Nation, or UZN, was started in 1973 by Afrika Bambaataa who at the time was a gang leader. After realizing that it would benefit the community more if the gangs unified to better the community and to better each other, Zulu Nation was formed. Also, Zulu started gathering information from other religions and historical sources to give the gang members a chance to better themselves so the violence would end. News spread around all of the tri- state area and eventually, the world. [/acc] [acc title=”Is Zulu a religion/cult?”]No. We gather positive information from all sources weather religious or historical. We deal with truth and fact. It doesn’t matter what name you choose to call The Supreme Force. A religion suggests a belief structure. We do not have a belief structure. ALL walks of life are a part of Zulu Nation. ALL religions are a part of Zulu Nation. If it’s true to you and its positive, no problem. [/acc] [acc title=”Is Zulu only a ‘Hip Hop thing’?”]Not completely true. We use Hip Hop as a means to get across the positive message of “Knowledge, wisdom, overstanding, freedom, justice, equality, peace, love, unity and having fun.” UZN is more about bettering one self and overstanding the people and environment around oneself. [/acc] [acc title=”Is Zulu is a ‘Black’ thing?”]No! UZN is for all people of any color, age, culture or gender. As long as you have an open mind and are really ready to better yourself. We have to start to understand or overstand each other a lot more so that we can break the stereotypes that we are “trained” to know from generation to generation. Look at the name of this organization. The keyword is “Universal”. Why would we want to limit peace and unity to just one race or for that matter, even humanity? [/acc] [acc title=”Do I have to do something Hip Hop (Break, DJ, Rap, Graff) in order to be a Zulu?”]No. UZN has doctors, lawyers, activists, pilots, construction workers, actors, probation officers, etc. ALL walks of life. You see everyone has their only kind of knowledge to bring to others. No one man or woman knows everything. When you get all this collective knowledge together under one roof, it’s very enlightening. That’s what Zulu does. It bring people of different backgrounds together under POSITIVITY. We are all teachers in life whether a person overstands it or not. Zulu members overstands that they are teachers so they do just that. We share our knowledge of what we learn in life and/or Zulu with others so there can be a balance within the other person life so that an understanding can be achieved and from that peace can be obtained. [/acc] [acc title=”Who can get involved with Zulu?”]Anyone who believes in our goals and can thrive individually and in group settings should consider membership. We will consider working with any organization that believes as we do. This means that we will consider joint projects with organizations that exist to serve our community. We also encourage all women, senior citizens, and children to consider becoming members. The only way we can rise as a people is by forgetting our differences and looking again to our families, friend, and support systems, for solutions to problems (instead of watching for some other person to tell us what to do).[/acc] [acc title=”So all a person has to do is join, it’s that easy?”]Yes and no. You see Zulu is for everyone but not everyone is for Zulu. There is hard work involved. From the application process to maintaining a voice in the community, from doing charity work to LOTS of lessons studying, it’s not a free ride. But if a person wants to learn more, or be a positive force in their community, then it shouldn’t be difficult at all.
[/acc] [acc title=”How do I become a Zulu member?”]Membership is open for anyone who believes in the mission of the organization and would like to become a contributing factor in help supporting the community. 206 Zulu is open to all people and does not discriminate on the basis of ethnicity, nationality, religion, class, gender, disability or otherwise.

Membership process is as follows:

  • Attend a 206 Zulu Community Outreach / Orientation. Learn about the community service organization, it’s history, the Seattle chapter and more.
  • Complete and submit the application form online at http://1st.206zulu.org/membership_app.html.
  • You will be contacted with further instruction and information about membership. There is a one time membership fee, and a continuing annual suggested donation.
  • You will participate as a provisional member at which point you will elect or be assigned a Zulu mentor who will be your personal contact and support.
  • Study Zulu literature, Infinity Lessons and documents intrinsic to the organization.
  • Attend mandatory monthly meetings, and committee meetings as elected.
  • Volunteer and get involved in your areas of interest.
  • Maintain communication, organization and consistent follow through.
  • Your work and efforts will be evaluated by the 206 Zulu Board of Directors.
  • If approved you will be invited to an induction ceremony during the
    206 Zulu Anniversary which takes place on President’s Day weekend in
    February. This is when you will receive your official Zulu beads and
    retain full rights as an active member.
  • Remember: Deeds over beads!

Note: You may only apply for 206 Zulu membership if you live in the State of Washington. If they live in a different State or Country, contact 206zulu@gmail.com and you will be connected with their area’s local Universal Zulu Nation chapter.[/acc] [acc title=”What is the Mission of the Universal Zulu Nation?”] As we are dedicated to improving and uplifting ourselves and our communities, all Zulu Nation members should be involved in some activity that is positive and gives back to the community. Hip-Hop music is our vehicle of expression. We can learn to write, produce, market, promote, publish, perform and televise our own music, for our own people. There are too many divisions between males and females. There are too many divisions between young adults and their parents and too many divisions between rich and poor-urban and suburban. Now is the time for us to build together as well as develop individually. All of the ills and problems that plague our community, we are going to address.[/acc] [acc title=”What are the Goals of the Universal Zulu Nation?”]

  • To educate, develop and improve the present state of mind of adults and youth around the world.
  • To spread our message of love, peace and unity amongst all races through our ways and actions.
  • To preserve the culture of Hip-Hop and all art forms created from it and to use music as a medium for cultural exchange and understanding.
  • To provide a safe haven to nurture the inherent genius of adults and youth around the world.
  • To assist others in developing careers and opportunities as they express their God-given potential and talents.
[/acc] [acc title=”What is the Mission of 206 Zulu?”] 206 Zulu is a network of individuals whose shared mission and purpose is to work with and empower local communities. 206 Zulu works with youth, low-income and people of color through creative and innovative means, including but not limited to programs and projects involving music, art and culture.

206 Zulu seeks to:

Organize and operate an independent nonprofit corporation to use culture of arts and entertainment to inspire young people to get involved in social action, civic service, cultural creativity, and self-education.

Provide youth programs, projects, and resources to supply our community’s adolescents with necessary tools to pursue future careers.

Seek other sources of financial support appropriate to the mission, including but not limited to private foundation grants, donations from individuals, corporations or other organizations, government grants, and contracts with public or nonprofit entities.

Undertake entrepreneurial activities as methods of support for the program, consistent with the other purposes of 206 Zulu.

Mobilize the skills, assets and resources of 206 Zulu members to empower underrepresented, low-income members of the community (youth, youth groups, seniors, elders, community stakeholders, churches, etc.) with the intent of building relationships, resources and activities that yield sustainable community empowerment and action.

Do all other activities a corporation might otherwise do to sustain itself, including holding property, consistent with other purposes of 206 Zulu.[/acc] [acc title=”What is the difference between 206 Zulu and Universal Zulu Nation?”] 206 Zulu is an autonomous organization that is an associated chapter of it’s parent organization, Universal Zulu Nation. 206 Zulu’s province spans the State of Washington.[/acc] [acc title=”What is the philosophy of the Universal Zulu Nation?”] Although we are strong believers in the culture of Hip Hop, we as Zulus realize that this a real world, with real problems and real solutions. So, as a Zulu family we strive to do our best to uplift ourselves first- then show others how to uplift themselves mentally, spiritually, physically, economically and socially.[/acc] [acc title=”Where did the name Zulu Nation come from?”] The Zulu Nation is a great South African tribe that became as empire under the leadership of Shaka Zulu, one of the greatest Zulu Chieftains (Leaders).[/acc] [acc title=”What does the word ‘Zulu’ mean in relation to the Universal Zulu Nation?”] The word means “the Heavens” and “Strength in Numbers.”[/acc] [acc title=”What does the word ‘Amazulu’ mean in relation to the Universal Zulu Nation?”] The word Amazulu means “The People of Heaven.”[/acc] [acc title=”What is the Universal Zulu Nation?”] The Universal Zulu Nation is synonymous as the founding family of Hip Hop. It is a grassroots community-based organization that was begun by a young student named Afrika Bambaataa in the Bronx borough of New York City in 1973. He is acknowledged internationally as the Godfather of Hip Hop culture. It was his vision to empower communities by uniting the artistic elements of Hip Hop.

Zulu Nation’s purpose is to raise social awareness through forms of expression as a positive outlet for underprivileged youth, alternatively providing a forum for them to air grievances and settle disputes in a non-violent manner.

Additionally, Zulu Nation’s motto “Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding” was basis for street education through various literature called ‘Infinity Lessons’. The organization is fundamental to the establishment of Hip Hop as a universal culture that transcends all the boundaries of race, age, beliefs, sex, locality, social status, etc.

Zulu Nation’s activism in the Bronx through various means including hosting events, mentorship programs, participating in gang mediations, and holding benefits was instrumental to the phenomenon of Hip Hop that continues to thrive today.

When the music industry and national media first propelled Hip Hop into the mainstream during the early 80’s, Bambaataa and other Hip Hop pioneers embarked on the first Hip Hop tours; bringing authentic Hip Hop culture and its values to an overwhelmingly receptive national and international audience. Subsequently, Universal Zulu Nation’s mission to preserve and elevate Hip Hop culture within communities succeeded as chapters began to develop across all continents.[/acc] [acc title=”What is Hip Hop?”] Hip Hop is a universal culture that transcends barriers of humanity and empowers lives around the globe. The 5 main elements of Hip Hop are Deejaying, B-boying/B-girling, Emceeing, Graffiti Art and Knowledge or the educational element that ties the culture together.[/acc] [acc title=”Who are some well known Zulus?”] Afrika Bambaataa, Afrika Islam, Boogaloo Shrimp, Dondi, Fab Five Freddy, Futura 2000, Grand Mixer D.S.T., Grandwizard Theodore, Hieroglyphics, Ice T, Nasty Nes, Phase 2, Popmaster Fabel, Rock Steady
Crew, Shango, Soulsonic Force, Tribe Called Quest, Phase 2, Visionaries, 9th Wonder.[/acc] [acc title=”How many Zulus are there?”] Those who know won’t say and those who say don’t know.[/acc] [acc title=”What are the Zulu Infinity Lessons?”] The Zulu Nation Infinity Lessons are lessons that deal with all types of subjects, knowledge of everything that’s anything and overstanding of everything that’s anything. We as Zulu know that knowledge is infinite (has no end) and so it is without Zulu lessons, that we will be infinite; we must seek knowledge from our cradle to our grave.[/acc] [acc title=”Is Afrika Bambaataa is the leader of the Universal Zulu Nation?”] No, Bambaataa founded and helped UZN’s growth. But as it grew throughout the world, he created a council to run the Zulu Nation. Bambaataa is not the leader of the Universal Zulu Nation, but he is one of the most respected of the many leaders of the Universal Zulu Nation.[/acc] [acc title=”How can I get or buy some Zulu beads?”] In order to acquire beads you need to become a member. Zulu beads may only be purchased if you are a member in good standing. Other merchandise is available for the general public, however, such as other customized beads, bracelets, clothing, music and more. Contact us for more information at 206zulu@gmail.com[/acc] [acc title=”When are meetings?”] Monthly general meetings take place 2nd Wednesdays of each month, 7-9pm at Washington Hall.

Monthly production meetings take place 1st Wednesdays of each month, 7-9pm at Washington Hall.

There are several other event specific and committee meetings throughout the month.

In case of any cancelations, rescheduling or changes in time, make sure to confirm by contacting us at 206zulu@gmail.com.

If you have a proposal or would like to share something during this time, please contact us in advance so that we may coordinate it within the schedule.[/acc] [acc title=”How do I get my music played on Zulu Radio?”] You may also submit radio-friendly mp3’s and drops to zuluradio@gmail.com. Vinyl, CDs and hard copy may be mailed to 206 Zulu, 153 14th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122. All submissions must include Artist Name, Song Name, Album Name, and Label Name.[/acc] [acc title=”How do I go about performing at a 206 Zulu event?”] Complete the online application and submit 3 examples of material you would likely perform. A review committee will determine the eligibility of performances based upon these factors: content, versatility, innovation, skill, production quality, and professionalism. This event is an all-ages family event, no profanity or obscene content allowed. Due to limited time we can not guarantee your performance. Your application however will remain on record for future consideration.[/acc] [acc title=”How do I get my event listed on 206Zulu.com?”] To submit your events to be listed on 206zulu.com and distributed through the Zulu Associated Media Network, email your events information to 206zulu@gmail.com with the following:

Day, Month Date


City, State Zip Code

Starting time – Cost – All-ages or 21+

Contact: (email or website)[/acc] [/accordion]