206 Zulu Anniversary

206 Zulu Anniversary

Each year, Hip Hop supporters from around the country gather in Seattle, Washington to celebrate and experience the 206 Zulu – Universal Zulu Nation Anniversaries.

In only a few short years, 206 Zulu has recieved wide recognition for the precedence it has set in community-building, education, outreach, activism, and artistic excellence. Since its inception in 2004, 206 Zulu has taken the UZN motto of “Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding” to another level for the next generation.

Once a year, 206 Zulu dedicates Presidents weekend in February as a time to celebrate not just the organizations accomplishments, but to pay tribute to the entire Hip Hop culture.

Continuing in the tradition of ‘Peace, Love, Unity & Having Fun’, this 3 day event carries a mission to

* Celebrate the Anniversary of 206 Zulu.

* Preserve and promote the elements of Hip Hop culture: Deejaying and Emceeing (music), Graff (visual art), and B-Boying/B-Girling (dance).

* Delineate the uplifting and empowering essence of Hip Hop.

* Create dialog to aid in solutions to prevalent issues in the Hip Hop community and the world at large.

* Raise consciousness on aforementioned issues to those outside the Hip Hop community.

* Heighten the exposure of emerging artists from around the country.

* Motivate youth by providing positive avenues of self-expression and encouraging unity.

* Open lines of communication for personal growth and networking.

* Unify people of all-ages from all walks of life.