Beat Masters

Beat Masters is the Northwest’s highly anticipated annual Hip Hop music producers competition. 16 contestants will have an opportunity to go head-to-head and only one will emerge victorious, baring prizes and the Beat Master Champion title!

Registration is closed, check back around Spring 2019 for updates.

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3rd Annual Zulu Jam Producers Edition 2014 Recap – Grimeshine
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The top 16 registrants will be selected by a panel of esteemed judges. Those chosen will be given an opportunity to compete at the beat battle on July 15th.

Preliminary Round – 1:00 / 2 rounds each
(one beat must integrate Sample Flip) (16 producers)
1st Round – 1:00 / 2 rounds each (top 8 will go head to head)
Semi-finals – 1:00 / 2 rounds each (top 4 will go head to head)
Finals – 1:00 / 2 rounds each (head to head)

Preliminary round: Each producer plays two beats at exactly 60 seconds, one of which must include the Sample Flip.

The top 8 contestants will be chosen to compete head to head. During the 1st round, each producer will play two beats at exactly 60 seconds.

4 semi-finalists will be chosen and compete head to head against another producer. Each producer will play 2 beats consecutively at exactly 60 seconds.

The top 2 finalists will compete for the champion title and cash prize!

Each contestant will be provided a sample that will be distributed prior to the battle and must be incorporated in some manner in the preliminary round. Judges will be looking to see how uniquely flipped the sample is used.

Organizers and judges selected do not tolerate bias or discrimination in any form including association, affiliation, technical-preferences, creed, ethnicity, or gender. Leave egos at home. This is a positive event in the name of good spirited competition and artistic expression. No weapons, alcohol or drugs permitted on premises.

Registration is closed. Check back around Spring 2019!