Beats to the Rhyme


206 Zulu Presents:
Hip Hop Music Production Program

Have you ever wanted to rap or perform, make beats or get creative in the studio but just don’t know how or where to start?

206 Zulu is pleased to present Beats to the Rhyme, a 12 week after-school program where teens from the area can learn the ins and outs of music recording while getting hands on experience with professionals!

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Beats to the Rhyme empowers youth of underserved backgrounds and marginalized identities with life skills and experience in creative expression through professional musical training, workshops, and access to industry grade technology.

Beats to the Rhyme is a free 12-week after-school program for youth ages 13 to 17 of underserved backgrounds and marginalized identities. Each week for three hours, ten students have the opportunity to work with state-of-the-art audio and multimedia technology guided by professional engineers and recording artists who coach the development of their technical skills to help them realize their artistic potential. The students gain insight on sequencing, songwriting, and composition before recording their own original works on site at the historic Washington Hall. Beats to the Rhyme program also includes opportunities for students to take their work in front of audiences at various community events, where they’ll learn performance skills and gain important stage and event production experience. The program culminates in a final showcase at Washington Hall.

Selection Process: Due to requests, spacial capacity and resource, 10 students will be selected to participate in the program with priority given to the following:
* youth within the ages of 13-17
* low income/at risk/underserved
* Seattle residents

The goals for the program are to:
* Inspire youth to pursue their musical creativity
* Provide artist development training, education and experience
* Cultivate a safe, supportive space for youth to express themselves and their individuality
* Challenge youth to think critically and nurture forward thinking
* Expand practical knowledge in marketing, promotion, multimedia, and community building

Beats to the Rhyme presents: Zulu Protégé “Mic Check” (Official Video)

Beats to the Rhyme presents: Zulu Protégé EP 2017

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