Hip Hop History Month

November has been celebrated as Hip Hop History Month in Seattle, Tacoma and throughout Washington State for nearly a decade.  In the tumultuous political climate of today, the lessons present in the heritage and legacy of Hip Hop culture are more valuable than ever.

Since its genesis in Black and Brown youth subculture of the 1970s, Hip Hop has grown into an internationally embraced cultural force, despite its rampant commercialization by corporate America. As the voice of the voiceless, Hip Hop continues to evolve, inspire, and influence broader society wherever it manifests. Hip Hop and its artistic practices have persisted as important tools for self-expression, community empowerment, and social change in the face of oppressive systems everywhere.

To honor Hip Hop History Month, we are calling upon our broader community of artists, educators, organizations, and more to join us in actively exploring and carrying this legacy forward. Here are just a few ideas for how:

  • Learn more about Hip Hop history, starting in your own backyard
  • Seek/support local Hip Hop artists and indy media that amplifies them
  • Host a Hip Hop workshop, assembly or presentation
  • Spread the word on HHHM

For more information on how to get involved, recommendations, and more information, email us at 206zulu@gmail.com.

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