Hip Hop History Month


206 Zulu would like to call upon all Seattleites and People of the World to recognize, celebrate and help spread awareness of Hip Hop History Month!

As a waring burrough of inner-city street gangs culminate to what would have been an all out war, an epic gang truce and new developing energy called Hip Hop would ultimately uplift an entire community and change the world. November 12th, 1974 is recognized by the international Hip Hop community as the time when Hip Hop culture was conceived.

Hip Hop is an international and universal culture that transcends the boundaries of humanity, providing positive outlets of artistic expression and a platform for unity, self-empowerment and social change. In the last 38 years Hip Hop has transformed from an underground scene to an international phenomenon, one that is cherished in the most remote places of every continent. It has since become prominent in mainstream society and has developed into a billion dollar industry.

Although pop icons such as Lil Wayne, Jay-Z and Kanye West make everyday headlines, not much is said about the founding fathers of Hip Hop such as Kool Herc, Afrika Bambaataa or Grandmaster Flash. In an age where violence, materialism and misogyny are celebrated and even perpetuated by major labels, it is no wonder why there are so many stigmas and misconceptions of Hip Hop.

For these reasons and more, 206 Zulu proposed Seattle Mayor McGinn to help spread awareness of Hip Hop History Month and succeeded in November of 2010 with an official proclamation. This November, members of 206 Zulu will travel throughout King County and Washington State to continue spreading awareness of Hip Hop History Month with a series of educational and entertaining assemblies, lectures, workshops, presentations and performances.

206 Zulu would like to call upon all Seattleites, Hip Hop fans and practitioners, teachers, student groups, activists, organizations and advocates of Hip Hop to honor, celebrate and help spread awareness of Hip Hop History Month! Here are just a few ways to support and advocate for Hip Hop History Month:

  • Host a Hip Hop workshop, assembly or presentation
  • Submit your events or programs to be included in the HHHM calendar
  • Study Hip Hop history, local history, international Hip Hop, read books, watch films
  • Support local and independent artists by attending their events and buying their music
  • Spread the word, distribute literature, PSAs, blogs, social media
  • Support independent media outlets that play true-school Hip Hop

For more information on how to get involved, recommendations and more information, email us at 206zulu@gmail.com