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Kool DJ Red Alert Celebrates 25 Years on Air

By Tools of WarKool DJ Red Alert is recognized and respected worldwide as one of the founding fathers of Hip Hop music...

Black Noise Celebrates 20 Years of Hip Hop

Emile Jansen, also known a Emile YX?, is a true renaissance man. Since 1982 he has played a fundamental role in the...

2008 DMC West Coast Finals

For the last 25 years the DMC , originally known as the "Disco Mix Club Show", has helped lay the foundation for...

Masizakhe: Building Each Other

“Masizakhe: Building Each Other” follows a group of dynamic young artists from the Eastern Cape city of Port Elizabeth, South Africa, who...

Umoja Fest 2008

August 1-3, 2008 Umoja FestCelebrating 50 Years of The Black Community Festival & Parade Judkins Park 23 Dearborn Seattle, WA