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3rd Annual Central District Reunion

Please join us on December 21st 2019 for the 3rd Annual central district reunion.
Brief History :The Central District Reunion was conceived out of the demolition of the Promenade and Old Western Beauty Supply on 23rd and Jackson. Which marked the first Reunion in December 2017, inside the old Western Beauty Supply location then “Black Zone”, As a remigration of the Black Community, who has long been displaced from the Historically Black Central District.
Event Description: The Central District Reunion iopen to Central District Alumni and Affiliates from the historically black Central district ,focused on building and maintaining community in a neighborhood undergoing a high volume of transition.

Featuring, Central District Alumni Musicians, Djs, Designer Fashion show, Blue Cone Studios Photobooth and many Central district Business Vendors, and other fills for your senses. .

Where :Washington Hall
When: December 21st
Time:Doors 6pm
6-9 All ages
9-12pm over 21+

Cost: Free before 9

This year for the first time in Central District Reunion History we will Honor Central District Cultural Custodians. Cultural Custodian Awards go to identified members of the community whos work can be traced back to preservation of culture in the community. Those who clean up the culture in the community in times it is forgotten.
Please Join Us in Celebrating A long Standing history Of Central District here at
The Central District Reunion
-To participate or donate-
Contact: Geneiva Arunga @ (206) 504-0893 or email ​Thecentraldistrictreunion@gmail.com​ or dadabassed@gmail.com

*This Invitation has been sent by The Central District Reunion and its Partners. The Central District reunion is open to all Central District Alumni and Affiliates

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