Is 206 Zulu only a ‘Hip Hop thing’?
Not completely true. We use Hip Hop as a means to get across the positive message of “Knowledge, wisdom, overstanding, freedom, justice, equality, peace, love, unity and having fun.” 206 Zulu is more about bettering oneself and overstanding the people and environment.

Is 206 Zulu is a ‘Black’ thing?
No! 206 Zulu is for all people of any color, age, culture or gender. As long as you have an open mind and are really ready to better yourself. We have to start to understand or overstand each other a lot more so that we can break the stereotypes that we are “trained” to know from generation to generation. Why would we want to limit peace and unity to just one race or for that matter, even humanity?

Do I have to do something Hip Hop (Break, DJ, Rap, Graff) in order to be a Zulu?
No. 206 Zulu has educators, organizers, activists, working people, young people, parents, etc. ALL walks of life. You see everyone has their only kind of knowledge to bring to others. No one person knows everything. When you get all this collective knowledge together under one roof, it’s very enlightening. That’s what Zulu does. It bring people of different backgrounds together under POSITIVITY. We are all teachers in life whether a person overstands it or not. Zulu members overstands that they are teachers so they do just that. We share our knowledge of what we learn in life and/or Zulu with others so there can be a balance within the other person life so that an understanding can be achieved and from that peace can be obtained.

Who can get involved with 206 Zulu?
Anyone who believes in our goals and can thrive individually and in group settings should consider membership. We will consider working with any organization that believes as we do. This means that we will consider joint projects with organizations that exist to serve our community. We also encourage all ethnicities, ages, abilities, and genders to consider becoming members. The only way we can rise as a people is by looking past our differences and looking again to our families, friends, and support systems, for solutions to problems.

So all a person has to do is join, it’s that easy?
Yes and no. You see Zulu is for everyone but not everyone is for Zulu. There is hard work involved. From the application process to maintaining a voice in the community, from doing charity work to sharing your skills and experiences. If a person wants to learn more, or be a positive force in their community, then it shouldn’t be difficult at all.

How do I become a member of 206 Zulu?
Membership is open for anyone who believes in the mission of the organization and would like to become a contributing factor in help supporting the community. 206 Zulu is open to all people and does not discriminate on the basis of ethnicity, nationality, religion, class, gender, disability or otherwise. Click here for more information about the membership process.

What is Hip Hop?
Hip Hop is a universal culture that transcends barriers of humanity and empowers lives around the globe. The 5 main elements of Hip Hop are DJing, B-Boying/B-Girling, MCing, Graffiti Art and Knowledge or the educational element that ties the culture together.

How can I get some Zulu beads?
In order to acquire beads you need to become a member. 206 Zulu beads may only be earned if you are a member in good standing. Other merchandise is available for the general public, however, such as other customized beads, bracelets, clothing, music and more. Contact us for more information at 206zulu@gmail.com.

How do I get my music played on Zulu Radio KBCS 91.3 FM?
You may submit radio-friendly mp3’s and drops to zuluradio@gmail.com. Vinyl, CDs and hard copy may be mailed to 206 Zulu, 153 14th Ave, Seattle, WA 98122. All submissions must include Artist Name, Song Name, Album Name, and Label Name.

How do I go about performing at a 206 Zulu event?
Complete a Performance Application and submit 3 examples of material you would likely perform. The 206 Zulu Production Committee considers rolling applications for potential future 206 Zulu events and programs. Eligibility of performances are based upon these factors: content, versatility, innovation, skill, production quality, and professionalism. Our events are mainly all-ages and family friendly, profanity or obscene content is not allowed. Due to limited opportunties we can not guarantee your performance. Your application however will remain on record for future consideration.

How do I get my event listed on 206Zulu.com?
To submit your events to be listed on 206zulu.com and distributed through the 206 Zulu Associated Media Network, email your events information to 206zulu@gmail.com with the following:

Day, Month Date


City, State Zip Code

Starting time – Cost – All-ages or 21+

Contact: (email and/or website)