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Emerge: a movement based healing intensive

(e)merge: a movement based healing intensive for dance communities and beyond++ is an intensive sponsored by What’s Poppin’ Ladiez? x 206 Zulu x Moonyeka that will be exploring what it means to honor ourselves and the histories we stand on, fight anti-blackness, and so much more through dance/movement (based in Black/Latinx , Street/Club Styles practices) and somatic based practices.

Folks who are holding this space include Stacy Torres, Devon de Leña, Dani Tirrell, Naomi Macalalad Bragin, and Moonyeka.

What’s Poppin’ Ladiez? is deviating away from the standard structure of battles and showcases to center in having more spaces to have conversations through embodiment that are necessary for individual and collective healing.


There is a ramp on 14th avenue at the front of the building. Through the doors and all the way through the hall way is an elevator that will take you to the 2nd floor. Two flights of stairs are also located to the right of the front entrance.


Q: Do I have to be a dancer to attend?
A: No. What’s Poppin’ Ladiez? has historically served the local and national Street Styles community, so there may be an influx of movement based people present. It is not required for you to have ANY “dance” background. The intensive serves to explore and have conversation in embodiment based ways, specifically around themes of: consent, values, anti-blackness, honoring histories and so much more. You *will* be moving and experiencing your body in different ways, so please come prepared to move in those ways 🙂

Q: Do I have to attend the full day?
A: We require folks to stay for each facilitator’s workshop as each workshop scaffolds off of the one prior, we also want to keep the space as consistent as possible since there may be a lot of vulnerability surfacing throughout the intensive. Each workshop will span about 1.5 hours – 2 hours, there will be 3 workshops and breaks in between ♥ If you really want to make it but cannot stay whole the time please email us.

Q: Is there a registration process?
A: Yes! Please stay updated via this page, for updates.

We recognize this event is during a weekday, we recommend saving the date now. This event can also be considered as a “training.” Please email us at and for any other questions or inquiries!

To find out more about What’s Poppin’ Ladiez? you can head to / insta @whatspoppinladiez or subscribe as a patron at

This is event is made possible in part by support from City of Seattle Office of Arts & Culture

Register HERE!

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