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Hip Hop Congress 7th Annual National Conference Announced

This year’s conference is going down in Biloxi, Mississippi from July 24th through the 27th at the Treasure Bay Hotel and Casino. This year, the conference will focus on building internal capacity and direction of the organization with a goal of improved service, clarified action and plans to further influence local communities where we have a presence as well as national. Special addresses will be also be given by Bakari Kitwana of RapSessions and Cheri Honkala, National Coordinator of the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign.

This conference will include a variety of activities and workshops in the elements of hip hop, use and development of media coalitions, direct action, digital distribution, music industry knowledge and detailed plans for HHC in the next two years. Hip Hop Congress will also be announcing the roll out of several new initiatives including increased resources for artists through the website and cultural services for schools, after school programs, and communities. Individuals and organizations interested in learning more about HHC are welcome to attend, enjoy the activities and learn more about HHC without any obligation to join. As always, there will be shows every night featuring artists on the cutting edge of Independent music as well as a headliner yet to be named.

Shamako Noble, HHC President, stated, “Last year we gave an open invitation to Hip Hop organizations, partners and interested folks to attend in an effort to expand our bases. This year, we want to focus on refining our strengths while addressing our weaknesses. We’ve been able to survive conditions as an organization that many said shouldn’t have allowed us to exist. Our hope is that at this conference we can return to the formula that has allowed is to survive for so long, while troubleshooting issues that could hinder our development . This means refocusing on the mission, streamlining our communication, and redefining our programs. We are also very excited to be in the South, where a lot of Hip Hop Organizations either don’t go, are afraid to go, or only go when it’s convenient. We’re looking to build something lasting here, and connect it to the rest of the practical Hip Hop movement.”

Cheri Honkala commented, “I’m honored to be a part of this event. I attended my first HHC conference in 2004 and we’ve been developing a relationship ever since. This year, our collaborative focus is in Minneapolis at the March for Our Lives where HHC is taking a clear stand on Housing, Health Care, money and programs for the poor and not for this ridiculous war in Iraq. I think that anybody that is serious about utilizing the potential of Hip Hop at a grassroots level should be looking at HHC.”

When President of the Southern Progressives, Southern Regional Director, and top flight artist Kamikaze was asked to comment, he replied, “The Mississippi Artists and Producers coalition is proud to be hosting this year’s annual conference. I personally lobbied for Hip Hop Congress to be here and connect with the South in an organic way that we hadn’t really seen in Mississippi. As the defender and protector of all things Mississippi, I expect nothing but the best results from this conference.”

For more information on the conference including performing, presentations, schedule and travel please visit

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