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On The Block partners with 206 Zulu for the Culture


July 18th, 2022
Contact: Julie-C


On The Block (OTB) Seattle is thrilled to announce an exciting new partnership with local youth and cultural service nonprofit 206 Zulu to advance the two organizations’ shared dedication to the preservation, elevation, and advocacy of Hip Hop culture. 

To raise visibility of local artistry and spotlight the influence of Hip Hop’s living legacy on the burgeoning vintage and streetwear movements of today, OTB will be curating creative marketplaces at two upcoming 206 Zulu events. “Hip Hop originated on the blocks and in the parks,” says 206 Zulu founder and Executive Director King Khazm, “so it’s only right that we would partner to foster community and help strengthen our creative economies.”

Saturday, July 30th, 2022, 2-7pm 11th Annual Beat Masters Beat Battle at Pier 62 on Seattle Waterfront. Judges Kid Sensation, Erika White, and Deli will give away $1250 in prizes to local producers. This free, all ages event, hosted by KEY of Central Intelligence will also feature performances by Deli, DJ Lady Love, Depth175. 

Saturday, August 20th, 2022, 12-7pm Off The Wall & BAM Crew 30th Anniversary at Judkins Park. This free, all ages event will include graffiti competitions, breakdancing cyphers, local performances by DJs Dyce, HerShe, Lady Love, Sean Malik and Vitamin D, and a one-of-a-kind performance by Hip Hop pioneer GRANDWIZZARD THEODORE, who is credited for the invention of key aspects of turntablism. 

“Hip Hop saved my life and remains foundational to all I do,” says OTB co-founder Julie-C, “I am honored to be collaborating with an org like 206 Zulu that’s been so vital in this truth for me. I look forward to working together towards a more symbiotic, artist-driven creative ecosystem.” Rialto Estolas, another OTB co-founder and owner of Throwbacks NW adds, “It is extremely important that we honor those who paved the way. The golden era of hip hop has always played a part in the inspiration and curation of my personal brand and I love opportunities to celebrate this with broader communities.” 

ABOUT ON THE BLOCK:  As an alliance among neighboring artists, cultural spaces, and small business owners, the mission of “On The Block Second Saturdays’  is to be a conduit to sustainable opportunity, creative equity, and abundance from the ground up. All donations, vendor fees, and sponsor proceeds go directly to paying local artists, stabilizing neighborhood arts spaces, and supporting future events. On The Block is a collaboration among Vermillion, Throwbacks NW, and Blue Cone Studios facilitated by Seattle Artist Coalition for Equitable Development (Seattle ACED), and is funded in part by a Neighborhood Economic Recovery Fund from Seattle’s Office of Economic Development. Visit www.OnTheBlockseattle.com or @OntheBlockseattle on IG to learn more.

ABOUT 206 ZULU: 206 Zulu is a Seattle-based community organization, established in 2004, that uses Hip Hop culture and the arts as platforms for community service, education and empowerment. In 2009, 206 Zulu became incorporated as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization under the name 206 Universal. 206 Universal is dedicated to providing accessible spaces while serving communities through the upliftment, preservation, and celebration of Hip Hop culture. 206 Universal aims to create a community and culture of unity, service, self-determination and justice. Visit www.206zulu.org to learn more. 

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