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“Reconnect The String” by Emile YX?

“Reconnect The String” exposes the First Nation / African Origin Of Hip Hop Culture through showing parallels of expression, it records local first person history about Hip Hop from practitioners & connects people internationally to share talents, skills & resources to regain our humanity & family.

“Reconnect the String” is born out of the Bushman thinking that we have broken the connection to our past, present and thus future. We are also separated from our selves, our spirit, nature and thus we cannot connect. This is also about first person stories and telling our own heritage. Our stories need to be retold by us and this is what i have started in Cape Town. I am reaching out to encourage others to do the same globally by connecting with them and asking them to collect their own stories to rewrite their own histories. Reconnect The String is also about the real friendships and family that Hip Hop has globally, outside of industry. Lastly, decolonization or rehumanization of information demands that we reach back into the real heritage of a culture that is deeply rooted in Africa, African & thus all Human (Africa The Cradle of Humanity) forms of expression. 

The book explains various lessons that I learned in the last 27 years of being involved in Hip Hop Culture.
Chapter 1: The Illusion of Nothingness – Hip Hop has a deep heritage of the people that manifested it in the South Bronx. A heritage that goes back to the first people of all people in Africa.
Chapter 2: Speaks on greeting and recognizing the humanity in others and thus our equality.
Chapter 3: Is about the Ancient Circle and its current manifestation and power in Hip Hop.
Chapter 4:
 Is about the handclaps & cyclic chants around the circle that gave birth to the rhythmic trance and loop and DJ.
Chapter 5: The Trance Dancer or B-boy is the healing that is attained from letting go in the circle and letting the feeling or rhythm take charge of your body.
Chapter 6: Tells of the Storyteller that manifests the words and makes real the lessons sent in the circle. This became the MC.
Chapter 7: Speaks about the Rock Artist who depicted the session of trance dance and journey from this realm to another onto and into the rock. This is the modern day aerosol artist or writer.
Chapter 8: Breaks down the power of the traditional village and its role on raising the child. The community in Hip Hop is that village and has helped with security, mentorship, etc.
Chapter 9: Is Knowledge Of Self, that is the infinite search for self and purpose in the world, through alternative information and openness to always be a student.
Chapter 10: The Elder or in Hip Hop the OG serves as a holder of experience that can be passed on to selected youth. This is an African and first nation tradition, where knowledge and more importantly experience is passed down for free, unlike in western education.
Chapter 11: The Cycle is the passing on of your energy from generation to generation and thus keeping yourself alive through others that pass on the lessons making the “I” less important to the “we”, yet holding the respect and accountability to share and grow as a collective within the world and nature.
Chapter 12: Is the creativity that we are and how it holds our solutions and power to create a new reality for ourselves. It is also ironically taken out of the school systems and made to seem of lesser value, when all wealth is the usages of others creations for the wealth of the few.
Chapter 13: the “Mathematics of Survival and then Thriving”,  that I used over the last 27 years to pay bills, buy a house and car, etc. Also how to diversify your creative incomes streams, making creativity and cash flow have endless potential, but also to PUT BACK INTO YOUR COMMUNITY.
Chapter 14:  Is our plan to grow together and become the change that we wish to see as a Hip Hop/ Artist/ community. It is a call out to those who have experience, knowledge and wealth to share with those who have not yet found their way, to bring about a new thinking and empowered people.

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My name is Emile Jansen. A 52 year old qualified school teacher, Community Development Worker, Artivist, Author, Playwright, Documentarian, Pioneer of South African Hip Hop, Hip Hop artists, B-boy/ Break-dancer, Skateboarder, Roller-skater, etc from Cape Town, South Africa. 

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