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Shifty Reflex Rumble: Breaking and All-Styles Battle

Shadow Shifters, Battle Reflex, 206 Zulu, and Fear No Evil present:

Shifty Reflex Rumble!

This will be a street, cypher, call out style battle. Going down Sunday, July 15th at the Historic Washington Hall, this is your chance to go after whoever you’ve had your eye on in the cypher.

We will start with preliminary cyphers in all-styles and breaking to select 10 people. Then, in each category, those 10 people will join the 10 invites for a 20 person cypher for round one. In that cypher, each competitor goes out calls out one opponent for their round. After that round, the judges vote. One competitor moves on to the next round and one is eliminated. After everyone battles, we’ve got 10 people left.

Round 2. Same thing. After round 2 is over, we’ve got 5 people left. There is then a “Second Chance” cypher. This cypher is for everyone that got eliminated, didn’t make it past the original prelims, or showed up late. Judges will pick 3 people out of that “Second Chance” cypher.

Round 3. We now have 8 people. The tournament continues, with competitors calling out whoever they want to go up against, until there are 4 people left. Then two, then we crown a winner.

We will have a championship belts, custom jean jackets, and cash prize for both the breaking champion and the all-styles champion. In addition, for both categories we will have a “Fear No Evil” award. This goes to a non-invite competitor who was the most fearless in the event.

Event Schedule:
4 pm: Doors open
5 pm: All-styles prelim cypher
5:30 pm: Breaking prelim cypher
6 pm: All-styles round 1 and 2
6:30 pm: Breaking round 1 and 2
7 pm: All-styles Second Chance cypher
7:20 pm: Breaking Second Chance cypher
7:40 pm: Pandora VS Protoman
8 pm: All-styles Top 8, 4, and final
8:30 pm: Breaking Top 8, 4, and final

And yes, we will be starting the battles at 5 PM sharp. If you show up late, you can still enter the Second Chance cypher.

This event is free. Free, Free, Free!

PRC- People’s Republic of Clothing
Find A Way Threads
Emerald City Classics

DROP BANGERZ. We are celebrating his Birthday!

Breaking: Battle Reflex Crew
All-Styles: Shadow Shifters Crew

Pandora vs Protoman

All-Styles invites (automatic spot in top 20)
1. 1V1 winner of No Limits- Crysis/Young Prodigy- House of Crownz
2. Jacksun Fryer ( Megabots)
3. Cypher King Strike Out- Yung Zeus- We Active Krump- WAK
4. Winner of Groove Gauntlet IV- TekBoi- Hit Squad- Modesto, CA
5. Crvwnz aka Lil NY Maddness (House of Crownz)
6. Sabertooth
7. Jesus (Soul Trigger)
8. Zion E ( Groove Clan)
9. Tendo (T.O.W.N)
10. Shady (Deadlyz, Beast camp)

Sign Ups
1. OG Blvck
2. C.Sw!ft
3. J5
4. Tyrese Montgommery
5. ZED
6. KD
7. Jetta
8. Dia Dragon
10. Blessing
11. Silhouette
12. Qwiver
13. Twin Shady
14. JayKidd
15. TrippyFab
16. JV
17. Hooligan
18. Hybrid
19. RA

Breaking invites (automatic spot in top 20)
1. Cypher King Strike Out- Haké- Justus Crew
2. Bboy Tombo New Birth/HOODz Potland,OR
3. dILL1 Art of Movement
4. Boxcutta Fraggle Rock Crew
5. Rock’Hus Massive Monkees Crew
6. Bobby Drake Dog Pound Crew
7. BBoy So-Yummy Air Force Crew/ Rumble Kingz
8. Dialtone AOM/ Massive Monkees Crew
9. Lunatic Unleashed
10. Zach He Unleashed

Sign Ups
1. Guppy- Misfits Crew
2. PFP- Rumble Kingz Crew
3. Dobbinator
4. J5
5. Tim
6. Lewiscifer

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