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Ubunye Project Application

Request for Proposals
206 Zulu is currently accepting applications for community/arts groups to host a free arts/music/performance event for the community at Washington Hall as a part of The Ubunye Project.

In conjunction with planning & facilitating your event, selected groups will:

  • Send an Event Coordinator to attend an orientation
  • Encouraged to attend, promote, and build relationships all other Ubunye Project events/coordinators
  • Complete a Memorandum Of Understanding agreement
  • Record 150 volunteer hours as an event group (for example: planning, meeting & production time)
  • Make regularly scheduled check-ins with the Ubunye Project Manager
  • Receive promotional support through Ubunye marketing materials (Digital & Print)
  • Work with Washington Hall staff on the day of the event including: House Manager, Sound & Lighting Technicians
  • Have audience feedback surveys gathered at the event and organizer feedback surveys gathered after the event

Please keep the following criteria in mind how your project would express the following criteria as you complete the Ubunye application:

Locality —Presenting artists or organizations focused in the Central Area

Content—Artistic significance of project and/or emerging approach to the arts

Ability to complete presentation—Selected applicants must be able to see the presentation through to completion

Underserved access to facilities—Participants (artists or audience) will be drawn from traditionally underserved populations

Ability to increase activity in Central Area neighborhood— Selected applicants will stimulate activity in the area adjacent to and beyond Washington Hall

Foster inclusion of issues relating to race, social justice, youth, or marginalized populations— will be offered additional consideration

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