206 Zulu hosts a variety of exciting events, programs and projects throughout the year. From volunteering, internships and partnerships, the success of 206 Zulu exists because of the incredible community support from people like you. Let us know how you’d like to get involved!

  • Volunteer
  • Education
  • Event Organizing
  • Performing Arts
  • Graphic Arts
  • Writing & Journalism
  • Multimedia
  • More!

Become part of a family and grassroots organization that is making a difference in your community. Membership is open for anyone who believes in the mission of the organization and would like to become a contributing factor in help supporting the community. 206 Zulu is open to all people and does not discriminate on the basis of ethnicity, nationality, religion, class, gender, disability or otherwise.

Membership process is as follows:

  • Complete and submit the online application.
  • Attend a 206 Zulu Community Outreach / Orientation and learn about the community service organization. 
  • You will participate as a provisional member and will be paired with a mentor who will support you.
  • Attend members meetings, and committee meetings as elected.
  • Volunteer and get involved in your areas of interest.
  • Maintain communication, organization and consistent follow through.
  • Your work and efforts will be evaluated by the 206 Zulu Board of Directors.
  • If approved you will be invited to an induction ceremony during the 206 Zulu Anniversary which takes place on President’s Day weekend in February.
  • You will receive your beads and retain full rights as an active member.

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