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206 Zulu – The Resilience

1. Central Intelligence “State of the Union” 
Produced by Key

2. Jace ECAj “South End (Hop Scotch)”
Produced by Kaz Fury

3. Kept See “Non Compliance”
Produced by Kept See

4. Yirim Seck “What Are You Goin Through”
Produced by Goldenbeets

5. Dume41 “Back Home”
Produced by Goldenbeets 

6. Khingz “Ocean Wave”
Produced by Key

7. Silas Blak “Lead Titles”
Produced by Kept See

8. ALCZR “Ill Figgaz”
Produced by Wizdumb

9. King Khazm “Been Wit It”
Produced by King Khazm

10. Central Intelligence “Watch Me Die”
Produced by Third Eye Bling

11. Vitamin D “Let Em Talk” feat. Choklate
Produced by Vitamin D

12. Julie-C “Misaligned”
Produced by Third Eye Bling

All songs recorded by Dume41 at Emerald Street Studios except “South End” by Aaron Angus at N Flight Studios, “Ocean Wave” at LoudGarden, “Been Wit It” at The MAD Lab, and “Let Em Talk” at The Pharmacy. All songs mixed by Dume41 at The Legion of Dume except “State of the Union” by Key at ART/Tillery Studios and “Let Em Talk” by Vitamin D at The Pharmacy. All songs mastered by Dume41 @ The Legion of Dume. All cuts by DJ Dyce. Art by Spen1. Design and layout by Kaz Fury. For more information visit: 206Zulu.com.

© 206 Zulu. All Rights Reserved.

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