Since the organization’s initial beginnings, partnerships and building community relationships have been integral to 206 Zulu’s mission and continuing objective.

Youth Outreach-
In collaboration with groups such as Creative Advantage and El Centro de la Raza, 206 Zulu brings interactive programs, workshops, assemblies and performances to students and young people within Seattle and King County.

Education and Leadership Development- 206 Zulu is dedicated to empowering its membership and community through educational conferences, mentorships and events with groups like Massive Monkees, Umoja Peace Center and Black Panther Party Seattle Chapter.

Media Justice- Through partnerships with groups like KBCS Community Radio and Reclaim the Media, 206 Zulu continues to advocate for media literacy and equity within communities. Our independent media sources like Zulu Radio, Coolout Network, and NW Hip Hop Newsletter offer positive alternatives to corporate-owned Hip Hop media outlets, as well as provide platforms for emerging artists, activists, and youth in the region.

Research and Documentation- 206 Zulu’s “OurStory” Hip Hop Heritage projects seeks to formulate a comprehensive history of Hip Hop in the Northwest as a resource for the community. Additionally, collaborations with partners at local universities have resulted in surveys and community-based research projects that examine the breadth, diversity, and impact of Hip Hop culture in the region.



206 Zulu programs are made possible, in part, with support from the following: