206 Zulu programs include a range of one-off, weekly, monthly and annual events and projects throughout Seattle/King County, including Hip Hop and community oriented dances, competitions, concerts, showcases, open mics, charity events, community service projects, workshops, conferences, festivals, art shows and more.

206 Zulu takes a multifaceted approach to cultivating a healthy community in the Northwest by offering all ages and affordable, mostly free programming that is-

Accessible: Programs are centrally located within various areas of Seattle and accessible regardless of income, locality or ability.

Diverse: All inclusive programs bring a wide array of attendees from different neighborhoods, cultural backgrounds, religions and ages.

Empowering: From musical concerts to participatory open mics and educational classes to benefit shows, 206 Zulu offers programs that are uplifting and serve the community.

Fun: The main ingredient in 206 Zulu’s programs are that they are fun. Interactive functions build community and a sense of family.

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