Off The Wall

Special thanks to everyone who made the 12th Annual Off The Wall a success! Click HERE for recap and photos and stay tuned for upcoming events and announcements!

Off The Wall is a one-of-a-kind annual graffiti art competition and community festival, established in 2010, that spotlights the talented and diverse aerosol art community of the Pacific Northwest and abroad. The event is centered around the mural competition, where up to a dozen groups of 4 artists collaborate to create murals. Murals are graded by certain attributes such as theme, composition, unity and can control by esteemed judges, and winners are awarded cash and prizes. The event features djs and musical performances which adds to the exciting and entertaining nature of the event by all in attendance.

Off The Wall 2022 – Charms
Off The Wall 2021 – Wrek1
Off The Wall 2020 – GAK
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