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206 Zulu – X

  1. H-Bomb “Shine”
    Cuts by DJ Able. Produced, recorded and mixed by Big Zo at Beacon Skillz.

  2. Central Intelligence “All Day”
    Produced by Key for Masterpiece Music. Co-Produced by Big City. Mixed by Vitamin D at Higher Level Studio. 

  3. Tyrone “Smash” ft. BeLoved1
    Cuts by DJ Seabefore. Produced by Tyrone. Recorded and mixed by Tyrone at Basement Boogie.

  4. Sista Hailstorm & Julie-C “Rise and Decononize”
    Produced by Ryakin Rip (War Club/NYM). Recorded by Ryakin Rip at Knockin After Midnight Studio.

  5. Specs Wizard “Mad Crazy Opera”
    Produced by Specs Wizard. Recorded by DJ Able at Thubba Thubba Studio. Mixed by Specs and Dume41.

  6. Sleepwalkers “Miles From Home” ft. Open Hands & Phreewil
    Produced and recorded by Phreewil at The AM Lab, Volcano, Hawaii.

  7. Dume41 “Burners”
    Produced by Showbot (The Elefaders).

  8. Kept See “Strongevity”
    Produced by Kept See. Recorded by Kept See at L.O.E.E.

  9. Waves of the Mind “White Noize” ft. Inkubiz & Mic Flont
    Produced by Suttikeeree. Recorded by Mic Flont at Think Tank Studio.

  10. Cyphalliance “We Ain’t Conscious”
    Produced by DJ Tre. Recorded at The Pharmacy.

  11. Gabriel Teodros “Free the Art”
    Produced by EarDrumz.

  12. Kwame Morrow “In This Place”
    Produced by The Pisceans (King Khazm & Kwame Morrow). 

  13. Derrick X aka Silver Shadow D “Who R U?”
    Produced by Derrick X.

  14. Z53 “From Its Demise” ft. Kept See, Roza Salbahe, Luvva J, Whatehva & Lil Kept
    Produced by Kept See.

  15. Orbitron “Get on the MIC”
    Cuts by DJ Tecumseh. Produced, recorded and mixed by Big Zo for Beacon Skillz.

  16. The Elefaders “Absorb the Skratch” ft. Able, Hail & Showbot)
    Produced by Dume41 & Showbot.

  17. Alpha P “Filthy” ft. Julie-C, Kasi & Suntonio Bandanaz
    Produced by Phreewil at The AM Lab, Volcano, Hawaii.

  18. 206 Zulu “The Proof” ft. Whip, Don One, Korvus Blackbird, Audio Poet, Page One, Sista Hailstorm, Rakhan & King Khazm
    Produced by EarDr.Umz.

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Executive Produced by Dume41 & King Khazm. All songs recorded, mixed, and mastered by Dume41 at the Legion of Dume and the MAD Lab unless noted. Art by Keep One. Design and layout by King Khazm. For more information, visit (c) 2014 – 206 Zulu. All Rights Reserved.

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