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Beats to the Rhyme – Young Seattle Legends

Young Seattle Legends (2019)
Representing Ilifa Lika Zulu (Zulu’s Inheritance)

1. Dedicated to the Town ft. RJ3, Lil Fax Machine, Sigil, Yeji, Medusa, Daneca (Prod by Depth175)
2. At My Best ft. RJ3 (Prod by Depth175)
3. Low ft. Sigil (Prod by Syndrome)
4. Land Mine ft. Lil Fax Machine (Prod by Depth175)
5. Meets the Eye ft. Medusa (Prod by Depth175)
6. Mic Tonight ft. Lil Fax Machine, Medusa, Sigil (Prod by Melonic)
7. The Lost Commandments ft. Yeji (Prod by Depth175)
8. Disposition ft. Sigil (Prod by Xtravulous)
9. Real Me ft. Daneca (Prod by Depth175)
10. We Must ft. Daneca, RJ3, Yeji (Prod by Melonic)

Executive Produced by BeLoved and Orbitron. Written and performed by Daneca, Lil Fax Machine, Medusa, RJ3, Sigil, and Yeji. All tracks produced by Depth175, except ‘Disposition’ by Xtravulous, ‘Low’ by Syndrome, and ‘Mic Tonight’ and ‘We Must’ by Melonic. Recorded, mixed, mastered, shot and cut by Dume41 @ Emerald Street Studios. Graphic layouts by King Khazm. Photography by Shooter in the Town.

Beats to the Rhyme – Dedicated to the Town (Official Video)

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