Hip Hop 101 TV


Founded by Dirty Dev and King Khazm of MAD Krew in 1999, Hip Hop 101 TV was a Hip Hop variety show that showcased the diverse talent around Seattle and the Pacific Northwest.  Over the years the show had become a staple for the scene, a unique and innovative show in the region that nurtured the emergence of artists throughout the Northwest as well as the country.   Around 2003, MADK partnered with grassroots, community-based groups 206 Zulu and Coolout Network, whom would become the production team for the show.  Hip Hop 101 TV continues to expand further, bringing authentic Hip Hop culture, music and news to the forefront for the course of a decade. Hip Hop 101 TV’s span ended in 2009 around the time the station S.C.A.N. would close it’s doors.


Hip Hop 101 TV serves Seattle and the Greater Puget Sound area. The show is broadcast live every Friday from 9-10pm on S.C.A.N. channel 29 / 77 and reached upwards of 500,000 viewers weekly through regional cable.


One of today’s greatest influences among young people and adults across the globe is Hip-Hop.  Hip-Hop is recognized as an authentic culture, with music, dance, art, language, fashion, principles, and other cultural elements combined that not only entertains, but also educates, heals and empowers millions of lives.  Since the music industry and mainstream media began using Hip-Hop in ways to generate up to billions of dollars, there has been a power shift away from the hands of the innovators, pioneers, and those who seek to preserve Hip-Hop’s history, culture, ideology and values to the hands of those who make music for capital gain.

Hip Hop 101 TV aims to bring the foundation, or “101” into Hip-Hop by spreading awareness and educating the masses about this culture, dispelling the misconceptions that it has.  It exposes the cutting-edge movement that is making waves in the underground scene that has existed for decades.  Furthermore, it is a platform for artists and Hip Hoppers to gain exposure within the Northwest region as well as a forum for current news, events and happenings that are unheard in the mainstream media.  

Hip Hop 101 TV an open platform for emerging artists. Our mission is to elevate and support the culture of Hip Hop. The show consists of live emcees, deejays, and breaking performances, as well as news, exclusive video segments, and music videos. 


We acknowledge Hip Hop as an uplifting culture that influences and heals millions of lives through the artistic expressions of music, art, and dance. 

As guardians of Hip Hop we aim to preserve the essence of Hip Hop which is unifies and empowers people of all walks of life.

Our mission is to bring the “101” into Hip Hop by educating the truth behind the culture, exposing the cutting-edge movement that is making waves in the underground scene with artists, emcees, deejays, b-boys/b-girls of yesterday, today, and tomorrow, discussing pertainant issues within the Hip Hop 

Past Performers & Guests:

DJ Able, Abyssinian Creole, Ade (N.Y.) & Ares, Alien Ness (RSC,Zulu), Altered States of Consciousness, Aluzjun, Arcane (DC), Bad Luk, Battleship Records (Portland), DJ B-Girl, Binary Star (Subterraneous), Blue Scholars, DJ B-Mello, Breaking Point, Burntface, Busy Bee (NY), BYC, Byrdie, Cancer Rising, Zulu King Cashus-D (Chicago), Cause-B, Clockwork, CRTV DSTRCTN, Contaminants (S.F.), Coolnuts (Portland), Cyphalliance, Daddy-O (Stetsasonic), DJ D’Doxx, Dilated Peoples, DJ Dyce, dRED-i, DJ DV-1, DJ E-Fade, E-Real, Far East Movement (L.A.), Fever (DVS,RSC), 1st Platoon, Fraggle Rock Crew, Gabriel Teodros, DJ Grimrock (Portland), HailStorm (L.A.), H-Bomb, DJ Hns, Iguales, DJ Indica Jones, Isei, J-Pros, J-Woods, Jitu Brown (Chicago), Keep One, Khalil Crisis, Khazm, DJ Kitman, Klose (N.C.), Kun Luv (Seaspot.com), Les’sonz, Los Nativos (Rhymesayers), Logic, Zulu King Lucky Strike, Maine 1 (Self Titled), Massive Monkees, Mind Movers, Mixed Mediums, Mr. Supreme, Ndidi Cascade & Deanna (Vancouver, BC), One Famm, Organic Produce, Orukusaki (S.F.), Otha Major, OneManArmy, Piece, DJ Phriksion, Project Mayhem, Proof of Life, DJ Pryme Tyme, Rajnii Eddins, Ra-Scion, Rakaa (Dilated Peoples), Redskin, Ricanstruction (NY), Ricky Pharoe, Zulu King Righteous, Rocket One (Portland), Robbery, DJ Scene, DJ Sean Malik, DJ Sessions, DJ Shobot, Sho Nuph, Silent Lambs Project, Silver Shadow D, DJ Smirk, Sonny Bonoho, Soul Plasma (Portland), DJ Special T, Specs One, Suckapunch (Portland), TC Iz (Zulu,HipStep), DJ Tekthreat (S.F.), Topspin, Trash Heap (Portland), Traydonya (X-Clan fam), DJ Tre, Unexpected Arrival, Universol (NJ), Vitamin D, What? (NY), DJ WD4D, and Zulu King Yoda.