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MAD Krew 20th Anniversary

MAD Krew, a Hip Hop crew-turned-multimedia company/indie record label celebrated it’s 20th anniversary last Sunday, November 1st to commence the internationally recognized Hip Hop History Month. Festivities took place at Seattle’s hot-spot venue, The Crocodile, and included music, art and dance with a mass of Hip Hop luminaries and figures who’ve been instrumental to the development of the rich and diverse Northwest Hip Hop scene over the years.

A quick glympse of special guests reveals an essential roster of who’s who within Northwest Hip Hop. Veterans included Emerald Street Boys, Seattle City Breakers, Specs Wizard, Spyc-E, Georgio Brown, DJ Tecumseh, Jojo, Kun Luv, DJ Rob Nice, DVS, Steve Sneed, Kel1st, Annabel, Alpha P, ShoNuph, Key, X-Kid, G Prez, D-Sane, Samson S, Gene Dexter, DJ Dyce, WD4D, DJ Luvva J, and 206 Zulu Nation.

Performances included a reunion of longtime duo, Abyssinian Creole (Gabriel Teodros and Khingz), a sneak peak performance and video debut of King Khazm’s forthcoming “Diaries of a MAD” album release, MADK/Hip Hop 101’s co-founder DJ Dev From Above, turntablist trio, The Shadow Council, live production from Third Eye Bling, along with b-boy/girl cyphers with members of Battle Reflexes, Barn Yard Cannibals, Circle of Fire, Massive Monkees, and North City Rockers.

Hosting reigns was held by Nasty Nes and Shockmaster Glen Boyd, former co-hosts of the infamous Rap Attack show on the now defunct KCMU FM station.

Headlining the event was pioneering rapper and producer, Kurtis Blow, who is known as the first commercially successful rapper to sign with a major record label, tour overseas and attain a certified gold record.

Event sponsored by: 206 Zulu Nation, Bamboo Beats, Coolout Network, Magnolia Rhapsody, Seaspot, Seattle Office of Arts & Culture, Rane Corporation.