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Pop-up Mini-BREAKS

Join us for a SAFE and FUN toddler/preschooler hip-hop + breaking (“break dance”) class in Seattle!

• WHO: Mini BREAKS w/ Anna Banana Freeze

• WHAT: Morning pop-up Mini BREAKS dance classes are back for September and October 2018! The breaking classes are for students ages 2-6, plus their grown-ups.

• WHEN: 10:30-11:30am on the following dates…
– Sunday 9/9
– Saturday 9/15
– Saturday 9/22
– Saturday 9/29
– Saturday 10/6
– Saturday 10/13
– Saturday 10/20
– Saturday 10/27

• WHERE: Washington Hall in Seattle, WA (w/ free parking!)

• COST: $15 per student, no registration fee. Sign-ups are only available online, limited to 20 per class.

• WHY: Because your child loves to dance & class is a FUN dance party!

• HOW (more info about class):

During a Mini BREAKS dance class, students and their adults follow along as teacher Anna Banana Freeze demonstrates a variety of breaking (break dance) moves and concepts. Participants are invited to share their own dance moves and express themselves during cyphers, dance games and practice session time. Please note that it’s very much okay if students (and adults) choose to sit back and observe, rather than actively participate. We know that each individual (young or older) learns and processes information differently – please encourage, rather than force your child to dance and move.

A Mini BREAKS dance class leans more towards a dance PARTY, rather than a traditional dance class. The focus is not as much on the actual dance moves but more so the concepts, ideas like:

– Building confidence and self-esteem
– Sharing and acknowledging ideas
– Encouraging creativity
– Viewing mistakes as learning opportunities
– Celebrating differences
– Honoring each child’s chosen level of participation
– Development of gross motor skills

To make sure each child in class has been acknowledged at least once, Anna Banana Freeze chats with each child and gives them a Massive Monkees sticker at the end of class.

Hope to see you in class soon! ✌🏽

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