DMC, originally known as the “Disco Mix Club Show”, has helped lay the foundation for deejaying and turntablist culture. Disc jockey veteran Tony Prince (UK) would take his internationally recognized radio show to new heights with the introduction of the DMC’s, and in 1983 began to service DJ’s with the first record subscription club. Shortly after the DMC would continue to break boundaries with the launch of the Mixmag publication, as well as the world’s first licensed DJ-only record label. With its roots in nearly every facet of deejaying culture in Europe, the DMC would expand its influence around the globe with the debut of the annual World DJ Championships, starting in 1985. Since then, the DMC’s have flourished with branches in over 40 countries, and have subsequently been responsible for catapulting many sucessful careers within and around the music, club, and radio industries. Today, this competition not only brings legitimacy to turntablism as a creative and viable artform, but continues to set the standard in showcasing the genre’s excellence.


  • Heighten the exposure of emerging Deejays from around the region to the country and world.
  • Preserve and promote turnablism as an creative form of music.
  • Delineate the uplifting and empowering essence of turntablism & Hip Hop.
  • Motivate youth by providing positive avenues of self-expression and encouraging unity through artistic creativity.
  • Open lines of communication for personal growth and networking.
  • Unify people of all-ages from all walks of life.

Internationally recognized DMC World Champions include DJ’s Qbert, Apollo and Mix Master Mike (as a team), Cash Money, Craze, A-Trak, and Grand Master Roc Raida. DMC U.S. Champions include DJ’s Precision, Klever, Enferno, Cheese, Aladdin, Rectangle, Swamp and more!

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2008 DMC West Coast Finals
2014 DMC Seattle