DV One is regarded as one of the most innovative and unique DJs working in the areas of hip hop, funk, and new classics. His talent and hard work dating back to the early ‘90s has brought him success on dance floors, radio airwaves, international tour circuits and beyond. Seattle native, DV One spent most of 2007-2011 traveling across the U.S. DJing for the preeminent head-to-head producer battle “Red Bull Big Tune” spinning alongside acts like De La Soul, Just Blaze, The Roots, and Hi-Tek. At the same time, he traveled overseas with Quannum Records darlings the Lifesavas, supporting their US and European tours.

Born Toby Campbell, he began his career with intentions of being an Emcee. After losing his supporting DJ, he took matters (and beats) into his own hands by quickly learning to manipulate the turntables and mixer himself making him a double-threat. His dedication and skills as a battle DJ earned him a strong fan base and respect from his peers and in 1997, he took home the Regional ITF Battle title. DV One’s award winning program “Rap Attack” aired on KEXP radio from (94-99). Perfecting the mix-tape game, his instrumental CD series “Beats to the Rhyme” and the follow up series “Beatdown” received worldwide acclaim. This success brought attention that lead him to provide the soundtrack to showcase apparel lines such as Mecca and Chronic Fatigues.

Later in his career, one of the biggest fashion trade shows in the world Magic commissioned him to produce a mixed CD to promote fall clothing lines. The original B-Boys “The Rock Steady Crew” caught on to DV’s talent in 1998. He is an essential crew member, and plays anniversary celebrations, events, and even produced their mixed CD’s for the 24th, 25th, and 30th anniversary as well as “New Classics” which encompass eclectic sounds, skills, and most of all originality. Turning heads throughout the industry, Rane Mixer banked on DV One’s notoriety and credibility by using him as a spokesperson to help promote new battle mixers (TTM 54 and 56) which he also played a part in designing. Shure Needles did the same to help promote their needles from 2001-2004.

DV One is widely credited as a key figure in Hip Hop. Proving so, he’s shared the stage with icons; Quincy Jones, Kanye West, Busta Rhymes, Kid Rock, Black Eyed Peas, Grand Wizard Theodore, Beat Junkies, Mos Def, Eminem, Fat Joe, 50 Cent, The Roots, DJ Quik, Ice Cube, Nas, Public Enemy, Ice T, Kool Keith, Rahzel, Xzibit, Dr. Dre, Invisible Scratch Piklz, Slum Village, Soul Sonic Force, Biz Markie, and EPMD. He’s also the DJ for Jurassic 5’s key MC Chali2na and if that’s not enough, landing a gig at Dave Chappelle’s Block Party Tour should be.

Just when there’s little left to conquer, NFL Football Team Seattle Seahawks and (previous) NBA Basketball Team Seattle Sonics both jumped on the bandwagon, earning him a superbowl ring as well. You can catch the mix-master rocking home games for both teams as well as his world famous residency “Yo Son” at the War Room on Saturday Nights. From 09-13 DV One took an empty bar space at Tulalip Resort casino and turned it into the most renowned casino club space in the Northwest known as M-Pulse. His most recent work includes a DJ feature with Macklemore on “The Heist” Album, which earned him a grammy. DV One is also mentioned by Seattle Magazine in 2013 most influential people.