Mighty 4

For years, Mighty 4 and 206 Zulu have maintained capacity audiences, packing out venues such as the University of Washington HUB Ballroom, the Showbox, EMP Skychurch and Cirque Events Center.

Mighty4 Arts Foundation (M4AF) was founded by Paul Ruma (Paulskeee) in 1998 and has served as the San Francisco Bay Area’s only annual Hip Hop cultural festival which strives to unify and preserve the four cornerstones of what is known as Hip Hop culture: Emceeing, Style Writing, DJing and Breakin. The festival features professional level competitions in these art forms, as well as cross-cultural exchange through guest performances, cultural arts workshops, and discussion panels at the local and international level.

After over 15 years of touring the festival to 40 cities worldwide, M4AF acquired non-profit status in 2011, and received an official proclamation from Mayor Mark Green of Union City, CA in 2012. Since then, the M4AF team has been dedicated to preserving history, advancing artistry, and empowering youth through organizing free community events like Mighty4 Day, and providing arts-based programming for youth and families of all ages.

The theme of “bridging the gap” has always been M4AF′s driving factor in representing Hip Hop culture in its entirety.


Mighty 4 Seattle 2020
Mighty 4 Seattle 2010
Mighty 4 Seattle 2009
Mighty 4 Seattle 2007