Coolout Network

The Coolout Network founder Georgio Brown presents a look into the evolution of Northwest Hip Hop Culture and Music. 1991 and beyond.

Coolout TV was an influential television program in the Seattle/King County area that spotlighted the local Hip Hop scene’s musicians, dancers and artists. The program was a staple for over 16 years on television and for many was the only outlet for people to learn about what was happening locally in the pre-internet and YouTube era. Coolout continues to this day, delivering exclusive content online as well as nurturing future generations with youth media mentorship program Coolout Academy.

2010 – Coolout 19
2011 – Coolout 20
2016 – Coolout 25
2017 – The Coolout Lounge
2019 – The Coolout Legacy
2021 – Coolout 30