206 Zulu – Universal Zulu Nation Seattle Chapter is inviting you to attend the Community Outreach / Zulu Orientation, taking place at the historic Washington Hall in Seattle, Sunday, March 13th. The purpose of this orientation is to provide an

Celebrate a month dedicated to hip-hop with this special screening of an 80s classic. Commemorate the 30th anniversary of the classic film Breakin’ at this screening with cast member Boogaloo Shrimp in attendance! In the 1984 cult classic Breakin’, a

206 Zulu and Z5360 chapters of the Universal Zulu Nation would like to call upon all Washingtonians and people of the world to recognize, celebrate and help spread awareness of Hip Hop History Month this November. As a borough of

North Beacon Hill Council – March 5, 2013: By Louis Watanabe Tonight’s North Beacon Hill Council was exciting because it was standing room only, around 100 people, the majority being young families some who brought toddlers and infants with them

The following link provides an order entered into THE SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF WASHINGTON IN AND FOR KING COUNTY regarding the rules regarding press coverage in the courtroom. Press coverage rules: How to Get There The King County Courthouse

By Julie-C Published May 4, 2007 Seattle police department’s continual targeting of communities of color and lack of accountability for police misconduct and violence is at the forefront of organizing efforts in Seattle Hip Hop. In September of last year,

Davey D’s 2007 End Of Year Hip Hop Awards Well folks it’s that time of year again for the annual Davey D 2007 End of Year Hip Hop Awards. This is where we dig deep and reward those for their

Artist: Beyond Reality Title: Soul’s Journey Label: eQ Media Review Date: 4/12/07 Listen to music at  Reviewed by: Jieshrae Washington The reality of Hip-Hop, whether underground  or mainstream is that Hip-hop is a male dominated medium of expression.  Despite the struggle against gender biases

Showcasing Seattle Women at the 2014 (Un)Conference and Film Festival Hosted by Women Who Rock Review and photography by Naomi Musgrave. On April 25, the second evening of the 2014 (Un)Conference and Film Festival was underway at Washington Hall. Hosted

By Julie-C Published May 4, 2007 If you were in the Emerald City on May 2nd and weren’t at Chop Suey for Swagger Fest, I extend my regrets to you, because you missed some of the most dynamic, energy-packed performances Seattle