Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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206 Zulu Stands in Solidarity With Black Lives Matter

206 Zulu is a Seattle based non-profit organization located in historic Washington Hall that works to preserve, elevate and celebrate Hip Hop culture while providing accessible spaces for the arts and community organizing.  We stand in solidarity with Black America in proclaiming that Black Lives Matter and we support all our brothers and sisters who continue to organize for a better world through this grass roots movement, confronting the dehumanizing ideology of white supremacy and systemic inequalities.  We also admire and unequivocally support the youth in our communities who are stepping up and building a multi-ethnic working-class foundation for the next generation of freedom fighters and community guardians.

206 Zulu is inspired by the many generations of Black leaders in our community, elders and the youth who are leading the way in this most critical and historic moment of civil unrest and resistance.  We call on all members of our community to support and stand behind our Black leaders as they work for justice and accountability in our city and nation.  We also call on members of our local and international Hip Hop community to eradicate racism and anti-Blackness even among other communities of color. 

With the current uprising mobilizing millions in response to the murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and countless others, 206 Zulu is committed to supporting community organizing by continuing to provide accessible spaces at Washington Hall.  We know that organizing to protect Black lives and other marginalized communities will be an ongoing struggle, and we are committed, in solidarity and love, to support this great movement.

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