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Crotona Park Jams in the Bronx, NY

PEACE! Last week’s Crotona Park Jam was a blast! Even Kid Capri dropped in on July 9th to spin a set alongside Biz Markie, GrandWizzard Theodore and DJ Supreme! Biz even rocked a version of “Mardi Gras” without the bells! He was rumored to have it but no one knew for sure! We can’t even begin to list the names of all the legends from each element of Hip Hop culture in the park! Check this clip from Mark Carranceja of Noisemaker Media! Also enjoy Mark’s footage from June 4th at Behagen Park (aka 23 Park) of GrandWizzard Theodore, Jazzy Jay, b-boys and more. Click HERE to view photos from Joe Conzo, Francisco Reyes & Res One!

God willing, the weather will hold out on Thursday, July 16 for our 2nd jam of the year featuring a Zulu Nation trinity of pioneering and legendary DJs: Afrika Bambaataa, Kool DJ Red Alert & DJ Jazzy Jay – 3 of the Funkiest DJs we know – all on one stage – rockin the way they did a Bronx River in Hip Hop’s earliest years.

We believe that DJs are the show at the park jams. We are so pleased to celebrate our 7th year of featuring DJs who are Hip Hop legends & pioneers as the HEADLINERS! We love the MCs but this is for the DJS! Our goal is to recreate the classic park jams of the 1970s and early 80s and go back to the days when the DJ was the front woman or man!

* The New York Times gave us love online and in print!
* Photos from June and our past 6 years of jams from Joe Conzo, Res One Francisco Reyes and more at www.myspace.com/toolsofwar.

We are holding a weekly $1 per ticket raffle of the Sony MHC EC79i Mini Hi Fi Music System (valued at $160) to benefit The Friends of Crotona Park. But hold onto your ticket because, on the final night, July 30th – your ticket might win you the Sony Muteki LBT-ZX66i Hi Fi System (valued at $450). IT’S HUGE!

So please keep some change in your pocket for The Friends of Crotona Park & the vendors! ! See you at the jams, God willing!

Christie Z-Pabon
park jam addict, events coordinator, publicist ++++

PRESS, please contact me for any interviews with any and everyone involved, images, etc.
2009 Crotona Park Jams: Bronx NYC
July 9, 16, 23 & 30 – LEGENDS ONLY!
7 years strong!

Presented by NYC Council Member Joel Rivera and The Friends of Crotona Park, Tools of War, Rane & Serato

Afrika Bambaataa (Zulu Nation)
Kool DJ Red Alert (Zulu Nation, 98.7 KiSS FM)
DJ Jazzy Jay (Zulu Nation, Strong City, Jazzy Jay Prod.)
No special guests because this line up cannot be improved!
Pure Zulu Funk and magic!

DJ Jazzy Joyce
DJ Scratch (88 NMS World Champion)
DJ Rockin Rob (Mean Machine)
GrandMaster Roc Raida (95 DMC World Champ + Busta’s DJ)
+ special guest MC: Chief Rocker Busy Bee!

DJ Lord Finesse (DITC)
GrandMaster Caz (Cold Crush Brothers)
PopMaster Fabel (Rock Steady Crew)
Plus a very special surprise guest DJ legend!
(DJ Cash Money apologizes that he will have to reschedule)

Thursdays July 9, 15, 23 & 30 @ Crotona Park
5 – 9pm. FREE! All Ages! Host: GrandMaster Caz (Cold Crush)
Crotona Park at Charlotte St & Crotona Park East, Bronx NYC 10457. 2 or 5 train to 174th St. or BX 11, 15, 17 or 55.

August: Digger’s Delight
St Nicholas Park Harlem NYC

Held in association with The Friends of St. Nicholas Park

DJ Lean Rock (Floor Lords)
DJ Chuck City (Black Spades)
DJ Rockin Rob (Mean Machine)

Chairman Mao (Bump Shop, XXL)
JBX (Big City Records)
more tba

DJ Forrest Getemgump (Horsepower)
DJ Jazzy Jay (Strong City)
Danny Dan the Beat Mann (Dusty Fingers)

DJ Lord Finesse (DITC)
Miss Shing-A-Ling (Jazzman Records)
more tba

Aug. 4, 11, 18 & 25 @ St. Nicholas Park
Every Tuesday in August from 4:30 – 8pm. FREE! All Ages.
Host: GrandMaster Caz. Plaza @ 135th & St. Nicholas Ave, Harlem NYC 10027. B or C to W. 135th.

More info: www.myspace.com/toolsofwar

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