STG ELEVATE (v.) raise or lift to a higher position

Neptune Theater 1303 NE 45th St, Seattle, WA, United States

ELEVATE is a showcase of Black and Brown youth voices uplifting one another through the art of spoken word. This project shares untold and unseen work centered around local and national historical events, the impact of systemic racism and individuals' personal experiences and passions. Most importantly, ELEVATE is the celebration and empowerment of the people. […]

Black Stax with Special guest, I Am Chamel!

MBC Cherry St 2616 E Cherry St,, Seattle, WA, United States

Black Stax Extension! 🌟🎶 Special guest, I Am Chamel @iamchamel, will be joining Black Stax for a collab and dropping her merch line, What Is Fear. Sharing the same vibe of real messages and great music!

Kenya Culture Fest

keeping our culture alive- generation to generation A vibrant celebration that brings together the rich cultural tapestry of our Kenyan community. This festival serves as a bridge connecting individuals from Kenyan backgrounds, weaving together the threads of heritage, commerce, and identity in a harmonious and celebratory fashion.  

Black Stax: STAY STAXIN’

MBC Cherry St 2616 E Cherry St,, Seattle, WA, United States

BLACK STAX was formed in 2009 with a mission to honor the legacy of Black Arts & Culture by 'stacking' all forms of Black music & art. A Hip-Hop performance group with two celebrated veteran artists at its core, Black Stax blends the forces of cultural expression with community building and activism through the sounds […]

Grounded in Freedom

Save The Date for our annual event, Grounded in Freedom! From July 26th to 28th, immerse yourself in a three-day celebration of cultural arts and agriculture. Hosted right here at Ayeko Farm in Enumclaw, WA in collaboration with @unionculturalcenter our intergenerational gathering offers workshops by master artists and land stewards. Explore land stewardship, Capoeira, and join panel […]