Governor Stitt proclaims Hip Hop History Month in Oklahoma State


State of Oklahoma
Executive Department

Whereas, Hip Hop is a universal culture that accepts all people regardless of ethnicity, nationality, social status, gender, age, sexual orientation, or religion; and

Whereas, the four elements of Hip Hop are emceeing, breaking, graffiti art, and deejaying; however, the Zulu Union teaches of a fifth element and that is knowledge. Knowledge ties the other four elements together and allows everyone to be Hip Hop; and

Whereas, Hip Hop culture is community oriented; and

Whereas, true Hip Hop culture is about peace, love, integrity, and work; there is no place in hip hop for violence, drug abuse, or anything that causes harm to anyone; and

Whereas, to further promote the appreciation of Hip Hop in Oklahoma, The Oklahoma Zulus, The Oklahoma Chapter of the Zulu Union, was created in 2015; and

Whereas, Hip Hop History being recognized in Oklahoma entails a month long celebration of culture that has spanned 45 years and counting – celebrating the many Hip Hop artists from Oklahoma who have paved the way for current artists and educating citizens on the true history of Hip Hop Culture;

Now Therefore, I, Governor J. Kevin Stitt, do hereby proclaim November 2019 as

“Hip Hop History Month”
in the State of Oklahoma.