Hip Hop 50


HIP HOP 50 – A Call to Uplift, Preserve and Celebrate Hip Hop in the Pacific Northwest

[Seattle, WA] – As Seattle’s prolific Soul and Funk scene continued to evolve in the 1960’s and 70’s, a burgeoning subculture later known as Hip Hop rapidly emerged from the inner-city streets of the Pacific Northwest; and the artistic practices, known as the “elements” of deejaying, breaking, emceeing and graff writing, catapulted into a public view. Foundational contributions of folks like deejays Nasty Nes and Danny Dee Rock; rap groups like The Emerald Street Boys and Silver Chain Gang; graffiti writers such as Mr Clean and Skee; and dance crews like Seattle City Breakers, Seattle Circuit Breakers and many, many more all helped to pave the way for a subculture that would evolve to become an international phenomenon and billion dollar industry.

DJ Kool Herc, widely recognized as the Father of Hip Hop, began innovating a new “Merry-Go-Round” technique with two turntables and a mixer, a unique sound that would ignite The Bronx beginning in August of 1973 and spread like wildfire over the next five decades into global and eventually mainstream view.

Now, 50 years from its inception, we call upon all Hip Hoppers, from past and present to attend, celebrate and be recognized for your contributions!

Hip Hop 50 presented by Friends, 206 Zulu, Coolout Network, Dope Culture, On the Block, and KEXP, this celebration will honor 50 years of Hip Hop, shining light on the local and global influences through music, dance, graffiti, beatboxing, and fashion.

Special Guests of Honor include: Nasty Nes, Sir Slam-A-Lot (Seattle City Breakers), James Croone and Rcurtis Jamerson (Emerald Street Boys), Kun Luv (Seaspot Media), Rubik, Key (Central Intelligence), Kylea and Upendo, Khingz, Gabriel Teodros, DJ Rok’phella, Vitamin D and members of Tribal Productions, Julie-C (Alpha-P), Nikkita Oliver, Rell Be Free and more to be announced.

Community Partners include: 206 Zulu, Kutt N’ Up, Coolout Network, Africa Print, Akia Ronai, Northwest B-girlsDope Culture, The Residency and KEXP.

Location: Pier 62
1951 Alaskan Way, Seattle, WA 98101
Date: Saturday, August 12, 2023
Time: 12:00-8:00 PM

Friends of Waterfront Seattle (Friends) is the non-profit partner to the City of Seattle responsible for funding, programming, and stewarding Waterfront Park  — today and into the future. In collaboration with individuals, communities, and institutional partners, Friends’ mission is creating, caring for, and activating a renewed place of connection on Seattle’s central shoreline. Friends is raising $200 million towards the construction, programming, public safety and maintenance at Waterfront Park.

206 Universal is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing accessible spaces while serving communities through the upliftment, preservation, and celebration of Hip Hop culture.

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