I Am Chamel

Chamel Simmons is an American Music Artist, Song Writer, Producer & Actress who was born in Richmond, California and raised through out various cities in Washington State.

As Known as ” I Am Chamel” (stage name), she released her first independent project “No Gimmicks Vol.1”

No Gimmicks Vol.1 is a reflection of Chamel’s diversity as a lyricist and song writer; spot-lighting songs that are expressions of all aspects of life; past, present and future.  Chamel Showcases her ability to turn life’s trails and tribulations into a musical story that speaks to listeners from all paths of life.

In a interview, Georgio Brown, Director and Producer of Coolout Network, asked Chamel “What do you rap about?”

Chamel answered; “It depends on the song! Some songs I want to express how I feel about love. Some songs I want to express how I feel about life. Some songs I want to give encouragement and remind people to believe in themselves and never give up regardless of how hard shit is.”

“What I want most is to make a connection with my listeners and speak into them what they need at that moment! If what they need is inspiration, then i hope its inspiration my music provides.  If it’s motivation, I hope my music gives it.  If they are looking for love, I hope it’s love they receive from my music.  It just all depends!  I might be upset and ready to fuck shit up and create a song where I am talking shit and going crazy in a fun, upbeat way.  So on a song like that, I hope people are able to let go and connect with the feeling and emotions that that type of song provokes within them.”

Yesterday was epic! Make Music Day Cypher Circle at WestLake Park was off the chain! We did that thang in the heart of Downtown Seattle! Major shoutout to The Coolout Network. Northwest Hip Hop Culture and Music Rainieravenueradio.world for providing spaces and opportunities for us to showcase our gifts!

Posted by CHAMEL on Friday, June 22, 2018


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