Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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Red Bull BC One – Local Hero Tour

Red Bull BC One is known for world-class excellence in breaking. After competing on the global stage, our BC One Ambassadors & All-Stars are taking to the streets and giving love to their hometowns. Breaking’s biggest breakout stars may come from the most unlikely places — from the islands of Hawai’i to the snow-capped glaciers of Alaska. Check out the dates below for more info on where to catch YOUR favorite Red Bull BC One dancer this spring!

Come learn from the NW’s best at Red Bull BC One Local Hero Tour, featuring FREE dance workshops by Neguin, Icey Ives, & Hijack at Washington Hall on May 5th. RSVP now at redbull.com/localheroes

Afterwards, The Octopus for the Afterparty at 9p featuring local talent performances & exhibitions + a $300 prize for King/Queen of the Cypher (21+)

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