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The Voice of a Gentrified Seattle 

The Voice of a Gentrified Seattle 

February 1, 2014 – The EMP Museum Performing live: Draze
Guest speaker: Bruce Harrell, Seattle City Councilmember 

(Seattle, WA – Friday, January 17, 2014) – In celebration of Black History Month, The EMP Museum, Ezell’s Chicken and Brandkings are taking out time this February 1, 2014 to bring people together to reflect on the causes and effects of gentrification for an event titled “Through The Eyes of Art.” The evening will feature an art exhibit, from local painters and photographers, a keynote address by Seattle City Councilmember, Bruce Harrell and a live performance and video presentation, from hip-hop artist Draze. 

About Councilmember Bruce Harrell (Guest Speaker): 

Gentrification is defined as the restoration and upgrading of deteriorated urban property by middle-class or affluent people, often resulting in displacement of lower income people. Councilmember Bruce Harrell is quite familiar with the roles that class and education play in gentrification. As a native of Seattle, Mr. Harrell has witnessed and experienced the hardships that many have faced through the transitioning of Seattle’s Central Area and South end. As the guest speaker for “Through the Eyes of Art,“ Councilmember Harrell will not only touch on the causes and effects of gentrification, he will inspire hope and vision towards a better future, while providing practical steps to restore community and build a lasting legacy. 

About Draze: 

Draze is a veteran wordsmith with a unique skill for storytelling and delivering raw, emotionally charged lyrics that capture the ears of the masses. Recognizing his gift, Draze felt compelled to shed light on the topic
of gentrification. The single “The Hood Ain’t The Same” from the 50 Next: Seattle Hip-Hop Worldwide compilation found at does just that. “As artists I think we have a responsibility to tell our truth to the people, regardless to how uncomfortable it may be. My city is alive but my community is dying, maybe this is my effort or Eulogy to get someone to care.” says Draze. 

About The Painters, Photographers and Sculptors (Art Exhibit): 

The event will highlight paintings, photography, sculpting, and artistic multimedia, from some of
Seattle’s most unique and well established artists. Each piece of art work will be themed-based on the individual artists reflection on gentrification and will be displayed in a gallery setting. Food and beverages will be available during the art viewing. 

About the Sponsors: 

Many of the great companies and organizations, who serve these impacted communities daily, have come together to produce and support “Through the Eyes of Art”. Among these names are: 50 Next: Seattle Hip-Hop Worldwide, The EMP Museum, KUBE 93, KUOW 94.9, 206 Zulu Seattle, Umoja P.E.A.C.E. Center, III Level, The Urban League of Metropolitan Seattle, Central District Forum for Arts & Ideas, First Thursday Biz, MOHAI, Mt. Zion Baptist Church, Zacki Rose, and Brandkings. 

Contact: Mike Clark
Phone: 206.552.9385

Through The Eyes of Art
February 1, 2014 at 7:00pm (PDT)
The EMP Museum (JBL Theatre) – 325 5th Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109 Draze, painters and photographers
Bruce Harrell, Seattle City Councilmember
Admission is free but tickets must be obtained from Brown Paper Tickets 

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