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2008: The Year of the Woman in Hip Hop

The tremendous organizing and outreach efforts behind the regional women in Hip Hop movement, lead by groups like C.A.R.A , B-Girl Bench, and Pinay sa Seattle, are paying off as more and more women Hip Hop artists are finding their way into local media. Check out the February 20th article on 1st Quarter Storm here, and be sure to read El Dia and Rogue Pinay’s own responses in the comments below. Also check March 19th’s article on our comrade Beloved1. Special thanks to Erika Hobart for holding it down at the Seattle Weekly.

Emcee, activist, and teaching-artist Beloved1 is also repping the Northwest in her work with the Woman-hood Learning Project. Launched by Hip Hop Association, WLP “is a sound out to all the B-Girls and Hip Hop Queens-women who have transformed music and culture.” In an early March press released, H2A declared 2008 The Year of Women in Hip Hop, and are launching a series of projects to educate, organize, and empower women in Hip Hop.

Also, Be sure to join the B-Girl Media/Project Mayhem family at the Lo Fi Gallery this Friday for the OFFICIAL “Love or Fate” release Party , and afterparty at Oseao Gallery. See the Calendar for more information!