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206 Zulu 4th Anniversary

4th Anniversary of 206 Zulu
Universal Zulu Nation Seattle Chapter
Celebration of Hip Hop Culture
February 15-17th, 2008

In only a few short years, the Seattle Chapter of the Universal Zulu Nation has received wide recognition for the precedence it has set in community-building, education, outreach, activism, and artistic excellence.  Since its inception in 2004, 206 Zulu with its large and diverse membership has taken the UZN principles of “Peace, Unity, Love & Havin’ Fun” to another level for the next generation.

Each year, Hip Hop practitioners and enthusiasts travel the country to gather in Seattle, Washington to experience what has become a prominent event in the Northwest; the 206 Zulu Anniversaries.  206 Zulu dedicates the third weekend of February (Black History Month) as a time to celebrate not only the organization’s accomplishments, but a time to pay tribute to and honor the entire culture of Hip Hop, its History/Herstory, and the diverse community in which its comprised of.  Experience history in the making this February 15-17th, as Northwest’s finest congregate for the 4th Anniversary of 206 Zulu.

The festivities takes place at the Seattle Center during Festival Sundiata, an African/African-American Cultural Arts festival that was incorporated in 1981.  The main event will be located at the Seattle Center Pavilion Room, February 16th and 17th from 4-8pm, and is free to all-ages.  It will feature performances, deejays, breakdance and graffiti showcases, a writer’s bench, and more.  

Performances include Alpha P, DJ B-Girl, Beyond Reality, BYC, DJ DV One, The Elefaders, King Yoda, FRC, Gabriel Teodros, Larue, DJ Luvva-J, Major Moves, King Mark Luv, Mic Crenshaw, Orukusaki, Paulie Rhyme, Page One, Piece, Silent Lambs Project, Silver Shadow D, DJ Tecumseh, Universol, Waves of the Mind, DJ Young Native and more.  

In addition to the After Parties and Media Specials, the 4th Anniversary weekend will feature new programs, such as the Youth Leadership Conference and Youth Workshops.

Continuing in the tradition of “Knowlegde, Wisdom and Understanding”, this 3 day event carries a mission to:

  • Celebrate 206 Zulu’s 4th anniversary and Black History month.
  • Preserve and promote the 4 main elements of Hip Hop culture: Deejaying and Emceeing (music), Graffiti (visual art), and B-Boying/B-Girling (dance).
  • Delineate the uplifting and empowering essence of Hip Hop.
  • Create dialog to aid in solutions to prevalent issues in the Hip Hop community and the world at large.
  • Raise consciousness on aforementioned issues to those outside the Hip Hop community.
  • Heighten the exposure of emerging artists from around the country.
  • Motivate youth by providing positive avenues of self-expression and encouraging unity.
  • Open lines of communication for personal growth and networking.
  • Unify people of all-ages from all walks of life.

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