Sunday, July 14, 2024

B-girl Naj

Anna Nagy aka “Naj” was born in 1980 in Urbana, Illinois, and moved with her family to Seattle in 1996. Starting in elementary school, her favorite pastime was always meeting up with her friends to listen to music and dance. Naj is a member of Fraggle Rock and recently helped found Funky Dynamics and 1inA Million Crew. She has performed and competed in countless jams throughout the Northwest and around the country. A tried and true b-girl, her accomplishments include placing first in solo b-girl battles across the continent including Ohio’s Smoked and the Texas BBoy Hodown in 2008, Outbreak in Canada in 2010, and Illin Empire in Los Angeles in 2012. In the local community, Naj has been instrumental in bringing bboying/girling to youth development in schools, community, and detention centers, and continues to be an inspiration and role model to young artists everywhere.

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