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Kindu Shabazz


Kindu Shabazz (also known as Kendu and Kendo), is an emcee, activist, and radio DJ, who first emerged from the Northwest Hip Hop scene with Black Anger and Bedroom Producksionz. Still active in music and community servitude, he is currently co-host of The Bum Rush Show with DJ Syeed.


Early Years

Kindu Shabazz (also known as Kendu and Kendo) of Black Anger and Bedroom Producksionz was born in Petersburg, VA, and lived a large part of his life in both Tacoma and Burien, Washington. A true embodiment of Hip Hop, Kindu became naturally drawn at a very young age to all the elements of the culture which had taken root in his Petersburg neighborhood. There, he picked up turntablism from his friends Curtis and Gary, and learned to pop and electric boogie from b-boy Keith Jackson who had come from New York in the year 1978. Kindu purchased his first set of turntables in 1984, and even wrote graffiti in Germany in 1985. There, he began DJing all the school dances and jams at youth centers, clubs, birthday parties, wedding receptions, and any other events he was able. He first came to the northwest in December of 1986, when his father was stationed at Fort Lewis and he attended Clover Park High School.


The Black Anger Movement

Kindu was a founding member of Black Anger, a Tacoma Hip Hop group formed in 1992, along with E-Real, DJ Sayeed, and for the first few years also included Wicked D. After being brought into the receptive Seattle community by in 1994, Black Anger became staples of the scene until 2001, drawing national recognition for their dynamic performances, artistic excellence, and lyrical content which put Black autonomy and self-determination, political awareness, and social consciousness at the forefront of their music. Among their many accomplishments include a photo shoot with Michael Lavine, famed documentarian who shot album covers for Wu-Tang, Jay Z, Biggie, and other Hip Hop legends, building and opening for Run DMC, and getting distribution from Fat Beats. Embracing Hip Hop culture as bigger than the music, the group evolved into The Black Anger Movement which included Nomad da Nomadic, Soulstice aka Bliss, and Asun. When E-Real moved back to North Carolina for a while Kindu and DJ Sayeed released music under the moniker of Bedroom Produksionz, and the first single they released “S.E.L.F” was picked up on the Laid in Full complication by M-Boogie on Blackberry Records. This mixtape-like CD and vinyl also featured artists such as Mos Def, DJ Babu, Rasco, Planet Asia, and more. Kindu credits Calvin Johnson of K Records, Olympia, Washington, for getting the collective on wax for the first time. In addition, Black Anger also joined forces with Silent Lambs Project for a short while to form the 99th Attribute collective.



Bum Rush Show:

Paradox theater, 2001:

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