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Black Noise Celebrates 20 Years of Hip Hop

Emile Jansen, also known a Emile YX?, is a true renaissance man. Since 1982 he has played a fundamental role in the development of Hip Hop in his homeland, Cape Town, South Africa. Using his rhymes, dance, graffiti art, writing, and organizing, he has engaged and empowered youth over the last two decades. With a life devoted to the betterment of his community, he uses Hip Hop as a platform to educate, and his words and lyrics to raise awareness on social-political issues. Emile has worked within schools, community centers, and institutions around the world (including Harvard University) and has developed various educational programs such as T.E.A.A.C.H. Project (The Educational Alternative Awakening Corrupted Heads), Heal the Hood and the Robben Island artists-in-residency program. 

Emile has worked with influential organizations such as The African Hip Hop Movement and South African Chapter of The Universal Zulu Hip Hop Nation, he and other Hip Hop artists within South Africa gave full support and participation in the anti-apartheid movement. After years of resistance, when state sanctioned apartheid ends, Emile YX? performed for President Nelson Mandela at his inauguration in Cape Town. 

His crew, Black Noise, is a powerful collective of like-minds who have also made tremendous impacts in there community through Hip Hop. Since 1997, Black Noise has entered and maintained high ranking (consistently receiving 3rd & 4th place) in the worldwide breakdance competition called “Battle of the Year” in Germany, and has sponsored over 50 dancers to compete over the years. Some prominent members include: Thee Angelo, Lella, Fly D, Duane Lawrence, Marley, TMD, Tarro, Quazar and dozens of others.

Emile YX?, ROAR, and emcees of Black Noise have pushed there music to unparalleled heights, releasing many albums and compilations, while touring extensively throughout Africa, Europe, and the United States working with many record labels, and since, have established there own label- Outhouse Records. 

Next week, August 28th-29th, Black Noise will celebrate there 20th Anniversary at The Baxter Theatre, South Africa’s first major venue to host an all-out Hip Hop concert, along with a new “Best of Black Noise” CD release and DVD that highlights the group’s history.

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