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Hip Hop History Month 2008

Hip Hop History Month
Month of November

For over three decades, Hip Hop has been rapidly evolving, not only as an arts discipline, but as an influential cultural force, among youth of historically under-represented backgrounds. Despite it being recognized by the United Nations and the U.S. State Department as a culture, Hip Hop still struggles to find representation beyond the commercialized, mass-media portrayals of it’s artistic practices.

Hip Hop has become one of the largest influences in youth culture around the world, however many wouldn’t be able to tell you what the four main elements are, how it began, or even that there is a local scene. Like most musical genres, it has become commodified and has lost much of its integrity in the mainstream media. The music has become more about marketability and less about the craft. Hip Hop is being portrayed negatively by many artists who work in the element of Rap (Emceeing), and this negativity is usually instigated and promoted by the record industry and various other corporations who exploit the culture at the expense of the youth’s state of mind and morality. The Universal Zulu Nation believes there is a difference in speaking out about negativity (activism) and promoting it as a desirable lifestyle. Our goal is to bring awareness that Hip Hop is an universal culture that not only entertains, but educates, unifies, inspires and empowers people of all ages of all kinds.

The Universal Zulu Nation calls upon the world to recognize November as Hip Hop History Month. November is significant in that both Zulu Nation and Hip Hop were started during this time (Nov. 12th, 1973 and 1974 respectively). Hip Hop practitioners and enthusiasts from around the world travel to New York City to experience these legendary Anniversary events (2008 line-up below).

This is also the time when we ask everyone to take some time to study and research the History and Herstory of Hip Hop, locally, nationally, and internationally. We have launched two new features to the site that will be of great resource. The first is “Hip Hop History” written by Kounter Kulture which can be found HERE. The second is “OurStory”, a brand-new online Hip Hop encyclopedia very similar to Click HERE or see above.

The Zulu Nation appreciates all efforts to preserve the whole of Hip Hop culture, including any days or weeks set aside to conscientiously appreciate Hip Hop, but would rather that all of these days and weeks combine to celebrate in unity every November. If you are planning any events in honor of Hip Hop History Month in November please let us know! Email us at

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