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Hip Hop History Month 2022

November is Hip-Hop History Month in Washington State. Proclaimed formally in Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia, Lacey, and Bremerton, add to that Governor Inslee’s official stamp as a State recognized celebration. 

Springing from parks and community centers in the Bronx, New York in the mid-70s, Hip-Hop has spent the last fifty years growing, morphing, and influencing on a global level.  As a collection of culturally specific art forms from segregated and neglected Black and Latino communities, Hip-Hop, which included initially rapping or emceeing, deejaying, breaking or breakdancing, and graffiti writing, became a subculture of youthful self-expression and creative wizardry that provided an outlet to many who most needed it.  Washington State itself has a long history of its own flavor of all the elements of Hip-Hop, largely centering around Seattle and Tacoma, but radiating outward to neighboring cities with the same rapidity that it spread from east to west coast.  Celebrating its modern day influence and potential as mainstream musical juggernaut and underground arts scene, while steeping in Hip-Hop’s heritage and roots, provide creative veterans and next generations an opportunity to be a part of a growing, global community that was once dismissed as a fad.  

To honor Hip Hop History Month, we are calling upon our broader community of artists, educators, organizations, and more to join us in actively exploring and carrying this legacy forward. Here are just a few ideas for how:

  • Learn more about Hip Hop history, starting in your own backyard
  • Seek/support local Hip Hop artists and indy media that amplifies them
  • Host a Hip Hop workshop, assembly or presentation
  • Spread the word on HHHM

    Celebrating Hip Hop History Month in Washington!

(Click on each event’s link for more information)

Nov 3 – Sir Mix-A-Lot
Nov 5 – Seattle Hip Hop Film Festival
Nov 5 – The Beacon Grand Reopening
Nov 5 – Scratch Lounge 2022
Nov 7 – Soulful Mondays
Nov 7 – 206 Writer’s Bench
Nov 7 – Livt + Rell Be Free
Nov 12 – The Seattle Takeover
Nov 13 – Story of Rap
Nov 14 – Soulful Mondays
Nov 15 – Jarv Dee & The Blakhouse Experience
Nov 16 – Hip Hop & It Don’t Stop
Nov 19 – Sol, Prometheus Brown, Claudine Magbag
Nov 21 – Soulful Mondays
Nov 28 – Soulful Mondays
Nov 30 – Oddisee & Good Company

Contact us if you have an event to submit for consideration.

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