Homeschool Days – Love at First Beat: Intro to Hip Hop DJing


January 20, 2022
Love at First Beat: Intro to Hip Hop DJing
Presented in partnership with 206 Zulu

Have you seen DJs at events or in movies and wondered, “how do they do that?!” Join MoPOP for a special exploration of the art of hip hop DJing with DJ Lady Love (Denise Briggs), one of the first female DJs in New York City in the 1970s. Together, we’ll investigate hip hop DJ history from Grandmaster Flash to Grand Wizzard Theodore and more and learn the basics of hip hop DJing. From exploring the set to counting beats, scratching, and picking your DJ name, you’ll leave this program with a deeper understanding of the roots of hip hop DJing and the skills to start practicing at home. MoPOP will provide controllers and DJ software for participants to share during the program.

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