One Million Experiments


Join One Million Experiments co-hosts Damon Williams and Daniel Kisslinger, guest host nikkita oliver, and local organizers for a performance, screening, and interactive conversation about the new liberatory possibilities already in the making all around us.

One Million Experiments is a film exploring how we define and create wellness and reduce harm in a world without police and prisons. Built out of a podcast and curated collection of community-based safety projects created in the midst of the 2020 uprising, One Million Experiments remixes longform interviews with movement workers across the world who have created community-based safety projects. 1ME expands our ideas about what keeps us safe, celebrates the work already happening to build solutions that are grounded in transformation instead of punishment, and invites you to participate in the joyous work of liberation. We don’t need one answer to how we get free–we need one million experiments.

One Million Experiments in Seattle

  • Washington Hall, 153 14th AvenueSeattle, WA, 98122