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Olisa “Spyc-E” Enrico was born November 5, 1977 and raised in the Central District, Rainier Valley, Beacon Hill, and Capitol Hill. She was born into a family of musicians and was a natural poet and songwriter. She transitioned her poetry into rap at the age of twelve when her big sister Cydney Johnson asked her to write a rhyme to go with Cydney’s new hip hop beat. Though Olisa had been born into a culture of Hip Hop it was at that moment that hip hop became her medium of expression. Olisa became Spyc-E. She had her first solo rap performance at Crossroads Community Center on the eastside and continued to rock the mic throughout the pacific northwest. She had two projects, As Far as Eye Can See and And Still… Spyc-E, which were produced by Greg Fields and Cydney Johnson under the umbrella of Phat Phunk Productions. Over the years Spyc-E has performed at clubs, festivals, community events, battles and ciphers. You name it and she was probably there. She performed everywhere and was down with everybody representing the Phat Phunk Phamily.


She has a Masters degree in Theatre Pedagogy and currently teaches drama at Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institute. She is working on an project with the working title “Goddess in the Temple/Demon in the Well”. These days you might find her performing with the Love City Love Art Collective or at home raising her new son Praxis Atom-Cloudd.


Website: www.olisaenrico.com

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