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, 44

B-Boy Pioneer Frosty Freeze Passes
, 44

Wayne Frost, better known as Frosty Freeze died today at the age of 44 in New York’s Mount Sinai Medical Center. The veteran b-boy rose into popularity with the legendary Rock Steady Crew (beginning in 1981), where he danced his way to success. His signature moves included the Suicide, and helped innovate new combinations such as the Cannonball, Round the World, Swipe to Headspins, Kickout 4-Step footwork, No Hand Footwork, amongst an innumerable amount of freezes.

Frosty Freeze gained exposure through films Flashdance, Style Wars, and Wild Style that initiated the nationwide frenzy of the fast-paced artform that became known as breakdancing. As a representative of the Universal Zulu Nation, he and several other Hip Hop pioneers began to tour the world, spreading the message of “Peace, Love, Unity, and Havin Fun”. Frosty appeared on various television programs such as 20/20, Live at 5, Teletone News, CBS News, and was the first B-boy to appear on a cover of a magazine (Village Voice, April 1981). Over the years, he has influenced a whole generation of dancers and has touched the hearts and minds of many with his out-going and loving personality.

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